{art room re-org}

i started reorganizing the art room. again…..

i feel like i’m constantly moving stuff around and trying to reorganize that room–but it never feels finished. and it’s never quite functional.  no art happens in that room because–well–it’s a hot mess!

but now it’s actually starting to take shape and i’ve finally got a vision for the space. not just an idea of where i want to go.  i can actually see the room complete now and i just have to do it.

and the inspiration piece that started it all is a bookshelf that nick and i bought from our neighbors.  they are venturing to baltimore to inspire others and develop a new church community.  unfortunately fortunately for me their book shelf won’t fit in their new digs.  {insert me swooping in to take it off their hands}  and thanks to that amazing little lady that goes by the name of avocado-green-vintage-bookshelf, my art room has embarked on a journey to greatness.

and then the creative juices started flowing. and one night it hit me… stripes! i’ve been dying to try stripes, and i thought my art room would be perfect for some multi-colored vintage stripes.


so at like 9:00pm one weekend night, i decided to start my stripes.. light turquoise, deep turquoise, peach, lime, cream… it sounded absolutely delicious!  so i taped off the stripes (all 25 of them), and i started painting…and painting…and painting… and by 1:00am, i stopped on the 3rd color stood back and thought, “i hate it!”  i didn’t even finish the stripe i was working on… i just knew i wouldn’t love it and it wouldn’t grow on me.

it was not how i envisioned it… so i thought, i have left over yellow paint from the bookcase in the loft, i’ll just paint over the whole wall.  so i climbed up into the attic, pulled down all the painting equipment, and was ready to fix my terrible wall… but then i remembered that yellow is not my favorite wall color and i didn’t want a bandaid… i wanted an art room i could love! so…..

i gave up… called it a loss… and went to bed.  i reviewed the game plan and made some changes to the strategy… and i fell in love with my art room all over again.  a little sanding, a fresh coat of ‘ocean whisper’ and voila!  we’re back on track!!

becky and i made a trip to ikea this past weekend and i got several boxes and bins to organize my shelves…
i’ve been working on the art room ever since.  there’s still so much to do with the room, but it’s finally on the right track. yay!!

i’m hoping to have the room done by next weekend… stay tuned for the big reveal!!

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