my first giveaway {magpie’s nest}

magpie’s nest’s first giveaway..!! how exciting is that?!

i’ve seen so many blogs and sites do giveaways, and i figured it would be a great way to spread the word about magpie’s nest.  clearly, i’m not a well oiled machine just yet…and there will be some growing pains along the way as i learn trends and the supply and demand–and cost–of my work.  but i really feel that some people–maybe more than we truly realize–enjoy the journey and watching a small bud blossom into a glorious rose bush!

i want all my current customers and future customers to join me as i grow into a cute little shop on the corner.  ok, i may be drifting a little with my dream of a cute little shop on a corner just yet…but isn’t that what it’s all about?!  it may be years down the road for me, but it will happen.  {because i said so}

and i truly feel that the relationship that you create with your customers is what truly separates a manufacturer from a shop owner.  it all comes down to customer service and treating people kindly.  people want to feel special and be taken care of.  and they want to know that you care about the “why.”  because when you care about the “why,” you can better customize their experience with your shop and their product–whatever it may be.  you can make it special.

and i want all my customers–past, present, and future–to be able to know that i’m not just another underpaid worker on an assembly line going through the motions.  well, i may undercut my prices quiet a bit because i’m just starting out; and i may create my own assembly line in my little craft room to stay organized…but i will never be “just going through the motions.”

i may be giving away an ornament that takes time and great detail for no profit, but i will still enjoy making that ornament perfect for that lucky winner…….because i care about the “why.”

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