{the beginning} Magpie’s Nest

I started an etsy shop in November with my custom painted home ornaments…and I was pleasantly surprised by how they took off.  I really enjoyed the conversations I had with each customer while I customized each one of their ornaments. 

I still have so much to do to really have a smoothly running etsy business, but this first experience with my etsy shop has really motivated me to really step it up and get this whole “at home business” thing going. 

Over the years, I’ve had ideas about owning my own shop one day…I’ve gone through all kinds of names and products, in my head.  I did murals off and on while working at the courthouse in Raleigh…I helped with a wedding…did random custom artwork here and there.  But I haven’t really had the time to really create a solid business plan.  And I’ve finally decided on “Magpie’s Nest.”

A couple different reasons for the name….

1.  Every funky boutique seems to have “gypsy” in the name…so that’s out…unfortunately.
2.  Maggie Rose is my amazing little Magpie, and being a stay-at-home mom has finally given me the opportunity to focus on my artwork and passion.
3.  Magpies are scavengers…and they like shiny things.  Me too..! Lol
4.  All the goodies I plan on making/selling are for nesting souls…home decor and gifts and accessories and artwork and more!  The kinds of things you want to show off in your home!  (At least that’s the plan!)
5.  A magpie’s nest is always full of unique, fun things…found objects.  And I plan to fill my nest with all kinds of unique and scavenged things!

And now that I have a room dedicated just for my artwork, I feel like I’m almost there!  I just need to get it organized!  So I’ve been trolling pinterest and getting some go

od ideas for my official “craft room.”  Figuring out “inventory” and packaging and trends… Right now I may just be the “research and development” phase but I’m super excited about each and every step I make towards my goal! And even better…….there’s an Ikea only an hour away!!  Yep, there WILL be an Ikea trip very soon to get my “craft room” all set up and ready to go!

This is just the beginning..!!


original artwork by ShopSroka

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