About me

“when i grow up, i want to be an artist”

i guess this is where i introduce myself to you.  and maybe where i explain why i’ve started this blog, what it means to me and what i hope it will mean to you, and most of all what you can expect from me in the future…  at least that’s how i understand the title of “about me.”

my mom has always called me her “starving artist.” so i’ll start there…  it was the sixth day of june in 1990, and i had just learned how to draw ELBOWS.  an accomplishment that , no doubt, demanded documentation according to my mom.  she proudly documented the date on my pencil drawing of a singer in a ball gown holding a microphone.  i still have the picture, twenty-four years later… my mom kept a little book, with a teddy bear on the front, to follow my years through elementary school (like any doting mother would do i assume).  in each pocket of this little book, i found: reports cards, drawings, awards, and class pictures.  and what i found most interesting —even prophetic— was that i proclaimed in kindergarten that “when i grow up i want to be an artist.”

and so it was…….. i’m not happy if i’m not working on a  project or creating something… when i don’t have a project, i am thinking about the next project. i love to throw parties, plan parties, decorate for parties, and decorate my house {{i’ve rearranged and redesigned different rooms in my house more times that i can count…just ask my husband! …no, don’t}}.  i like to make party favors and flowers and centerpieces and wreaths.  i love to paint and refinish furniture.  i make jewelry.  i love to bake and decorate cakes/cupcakes.  {{and then eat them of course!}}  everything i do has to be aesthetically pleasing!  even dinner has to have the right combination of colors!  (when i cook, that is)

are you still there?? i know, i’m long-winded
i get that from my mom…and my grandma

i digress…
the  REAL reason i have started this blog/site is to share with everyone all the projects and ideas that i have swirling around my head.  from home decor to jewelry to party favors to gift ideas…anything and everything!!


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