murals and artwork

murals are an adventure for me!  i love painting and creating custom designs for my clients.  i welcome the challenge of a new subject or design… all my murals are unique.  each one has been the first time i’ve painted a mural of that kind…

i started painting murals for friends.  i had never done it before, so i gave it a shot…….and i fell in love with the art of murals!  then i received my very first mural commission in early 2010 {that was the jungle safari room} and i fell even harder for painting murals.  i was truly lucky to have such a wonderful first client.  and she found me on craigslist too!  it’s not easy to juggle a full-time job with an hour commute and murals…but i welcome the challenge. the smiles on my clients’ faces make it worth it!

come see how much fun i have painting murals! {click the pictures below to see more pictures of my murals}

my murals




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