GP Weddings/Events

weddings are such a happy occasion!  i was blessed to have the opportunity to design and decorate a wedding recently.  a lot of planning, designing, consulting, and DIY crafting went into this wedding.  and i have to say, this was the best time of my life!  i enjoyed every minute of wedding planning–from the invitations to the favor boxes to the centerpieces and more!

in my search for my calling, i have dabbled in interior design, furniture refinishing, painting, murals, and all things DIY… all of those hobbies warm my heart and leave me grinning ear to ear!  i absolutely love them all!  and now i have found something that incorporates all of the loves of my life–wedding design and coordination!

i hope you enjoy reading about all my eventful adventures {as they happen}, and i hope you enjoy the tutorials for some of the DIY crafting i’ve done for weddings/parties.   stay tuned for new parties as they are posted!


IMG_5817      IMG_2058


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