zebra print {trendy or home decor faux pas?}

“wild fun zebra print coffee table”

are you surprised that those words caught my eye??  have i ever told you how much i love craigslist??  yeah, i thought so…

$20 for a coffee table covered with zebra print fabric… brown and cream… even better!  naturally i jumped on the opportunity….

{how purdy!}

the previous owner basically upholstered a coffee table… she had me at “wild and fun.”  but it wasn’t done very well.  valiant effort, i say!  it was loosely upholstered and the staples were all over the place.  they weren’t even hammered in! normally that would be a bad thing.  but in this case, i was grateful for the loose staples and extra fabric.  ’twas salvageable!

i removed all 217 staples {obviously an estimate…i lost count after 112} and then the legs came off.  i painted the legs skylight (leftover from my wardrobe) and distressed them. i tightened the fabric and reattached those beautiful little legs. and viola! sounds so simple, right? not!  my feet hurt from standing, my hands ache from stretching fabric, and my stomach is saying “hello” to my backbone.  {i tend to forget to eat when i’m working on a project}  but at least i got it finished before the street lights came on!

i guess maybe i should show you some pictures before my hands seize up and working a keyboard becomes mission impossible… what do ya think?

now i can prop my feet up and relax!!  aww, yeah!

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