{25 things}

i’ve read a lot of blogs that do this thing called “25 things.” 25 random things that come to mind. i guess that’s the idea of the game. so here goes…

1. speaking of games, i just finished the third book in the hunger games trilogy and i’m jonesing for a fourth…although there is no fourth in a trilogy.

2. what do you call a series of 4? qualogy?

3. i can’t eat this salad fast enough…yet i don’t want it to end.

4. rock and a hard place…i’m still eating.

5. my new eating and exercise habits have given me more energy…but less patience.

6. does the “runner’s high” really exist? or is it something a trainer invented to keep clients running and the checks flowing?

7. i wouldn’t know.

8. walking and running in barefoot shoes is a strange feeling…but i walk around barefoot all the time. is that irony?

9. how many germs am i bringing into my house by walking to the mailbox barefoot?

10. note to self: vacuum and mop hardwood floors tonight.

11. i have a love-hate relationship with my hardwood floors.

12. socks on the dog lasted 2 minutes.

13. rubber bands didn’t help.

14. i lost my at-work rubber band ball that i’ve been making for 2 years.

15. i don’t have an at-home rubber band ball so i’m not sure why i just specified “at-work.”

16. my lunch hour is halfway gone. my salad is long gone. wish i had a compartment under my desk to take naps like george kastanza.

17. i wonder if i could get a pillow and blanket past security without any weird looks.

18. security is pretty lax…and old…and out of shape.

19. note to self: devise an exit strategy in case there’s an attack. security probably won’t be the best first line of defense. oddly, i worry about zombies more than terrorists.

20. hoping for the original “night of the living dead” zombies.

21. realizing that there’s no way to get out of my office without passing zombies and there’s no way to lock myself in my office until nick comes to get me. this poses a problem.

22. deciding which coworker would be a good zombie lunch and diversion for my getaway.

23. speaking of lunch, my lunch hour is over now.

24. where did the time fly?!

25. note to self: maintain friendship with pilot friend, mike, in case we need to fly away to a zombie-free zone.

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