{25 things} what’s a mom to do?

1.  my house is a mess

2.  but it’s quiet…

3.  hubby just left for oklahoma city again

4.  {sad face}

5.  maggie rose is snuggled in her bed

6.  jake is lying under the dining room table at my feet

7.  snoring…

8.  what is a mom to do?

9.  i could wash dishes or fold laundry

10.  my two least favorite chores

11.  not happening

12.  it’s still before 9:00

13.  i could do a little baking and paleo food prep

14.  but baking requires going into my pantry

15.  and if i go into my pantry, i will pull everything out and reorganize it

16.  baking is out

17.  so what’s a mom to do?

18.  i could probably pour a glass of wine and take a bubble bath

19.  but i have no wine

20.  and my bathtub is probably dusty from lack of use

21.  and i really do not want to scrub a bathtub tonight

22.  oh!  i could price all my yard sale items in the study

23.  but that could take foreverrrrr

24.  and i do not want to stay up too late

25.  so i guess i’ll just go to bed.

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2 Responses to {25 things} what’s a mom to do?

  1. Pat Rogers says:

    Do like I do Go to bed and get on Pinterest! Yeah

    Sent from my iPhone


    • I do that! But instead of going to bed I’m looking back at previous blog posts….and fixing spelling errors that I missed. {as if anyone noticed or cared! LOL} But now I’m going to bed! Love you! 🙂

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