{flash of yellow} the day i almost lost everything…

the sixth day of april….at five thirty-seven in the evening.

that was the day i almost lost my beautiful family.  that was the day i almost lost the sweet giggles of my daughter and the loving gaze of my wonderful husband.  that was the day i almost lost my life.

it was a beautiful day.  and it was bulk trash day in sendera ranch.  and if you know us then you know exactly what we were doing.  we were curb shopping. 

well, we were on our way to go curb shopping….when it happened.  or almost happened.  or didn’t happen.  however you want to say it.

we were sitting at a red light, and we snapped this selfie.  let me repeat, we were at a RED LIGHT.


maggie was in the back.  you just can’t see her.  she was laughing or singing or doing something cute.

then the light turned green.  i was posting the selfie to nick’s facebook and i felt him let off the brakes.  a second after that, i heard him catch his breath and slam on the brakes.  as i looked up, i saw the green light.  and before i could tell him “clear, proceed” {that’s train talk for “it’s green, go” by the way}, there was a flash of yellow.

several thousands of pounds of yellow steel flashing before my eyes.  followed by half of a pre-fab home.  it was going so fast, i had to blink twice to really understand what had just happened.  or almost happened.  or hadn’t happen.  however you want to say it….

we sat at the green light for a couple seconds longer.  the cars behind us didn’t honk either.  they were probably just as shocked as we were.

had nick not looked to the left just in time, he wouldn’t have seen that yellow 18-wheeler.  had he not reacted so quickly and stopped just in time, that yellow 18-wheeler would have barreled right through the front of our silver ford escape.  and there is no way any of us would have made it out alive that day. 

nick would have bared the brunt of the impact.  there’s no way he would have lived.  our car would have surely whipped around and we would have been sucked underneath that pre-fab home…. and then maggie and i would have been crushed.

i would have lost everything in that crash.  my heart just wrenches in my chest when i imagine maggie’s tiny little body….i can’t even finish the sentence.  i just can’t……

i swore i was going to write a letter to someone.  someone needed to answer for what had happened.  or almost happened.  or hadn’t happen.  however you want to say it.

but who?  and what would that do?  really, traci?  all i saw was a flash of yellow–running a red light–pulling half of an “SE Homes” house behind it.  that truck was going so fast, there’s no way i could have gotten a license plate.  nor could i prove what trucking company was barreling down saginaw boulevard at 5:37pm on April 6th.  so i never wrote the letter.  oh, but i drafted that letter in my head.  very eloquently, i might add.  and whomever received that letter would have been moved to tears.

i honestly shutter to think…. that the picture above would have been our last picture alive.  that my sweet baby girl would have never learned to pee pee in a potty like a big girl, or say the alphabet, or dance at her prom, or fall in love, or become a wonderful mother one day….. so many things that would have been swept away from her.  i would have never grown old enough to see my husband with a full head–and face–of silver hair….or hold his hand while silently watching a texas lightning storm roll in.

so many wonderful moments–that i can’t even imagine–would have been stolen from us that day.  that day that i almost lost my beautiful family.  but it didn’t happen.  i’m still here.  we’re still here.  humbly, i am reminded that we are so beautifully embraced by the Lord every moment of every day.  we are on this earth for a reason, and He has blessed us with so much in this silly little life of ours.  {and on the sixth day of april, we felt His loving arms wrapped tightly around us.}

The Lord will keep you from harm–he will watch over your life.
The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121: 7-8

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6 Responses to {flash of yellow} the day i almost lost everything…

  1. Wow. This makes the hair on my neck stand up. So thankful for the Lord’s protection!

  2. Tasha Jones says:

    Amen…..Lord I thank you for camping your angels of protection over my beautiful friend and her family. You are out protector and for that I am grateful.
    So glad you guys were safe…..love you!

  3. Deb Clarke says:

    Traci, thank you for posting this event in your life. I agree how these things can change you. The thought of it being the last moment of your life is sobering. You are right to say the Lord’s hands were holding you. We too have had these things happen to us during our lives. A reminder that death can be “at your door” and only God can stay the hand & allow us to continue our journey on Earth. I thank Him for keeping you safe and not allowing a horrific tragedy. I love you, Deb

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