{waterlilies} …another good find!

I’ve always been fond of the Impressionist movement.  The style.  The colors.  The imperfection of it all.  I guess I could call my “style” impressionist inspired.  Although I can paint clean lines with intricate detail, I rather enjoy a piece that is a little messy.  I’m a little messy.

One painting that I have been planning in my head has been a reproduction of Monet’s Waterlilies of Giverny.  My favorite paintings.  For so many reasons.  I can just imagine how peaceful it must have been to set up an easel by a babbling brook and paint the waterlilies and the light reflecting off the ripples.  Monet is one of my favorite painters of all times.  Maybe one day, Nick and I will make it to France to see the waterlilies….

Nine years ago in November, we actually saw the Waterlilies of Giverny.  Up close and in person.  Paintings that Monet stood before with a brush and created.  A handful of Monet pieces and The Waterlilies were touring 3 cities in the US.  Raleigh was the last city on the tour before going to their final resting place in France or Italy…..wherever paintings go to retire.  And Nick took me to that exhibit.

It was crowded.  This one French lady with big hair kept getting in front of me.  I was a tad disappointed that I couldn’t meander through the gallery and study the paintings.  We were being pushed along with the crowd…..until we rounded the corner and there they were.  The Waterlilies.  Just beautiful.  And for a moment the crowd parted and we actually had some breathing room to study those masterpieces.  It was just beautiful.

Then I turned around and there he was.  The love of my life on one knee.  With a ring in his hand.  And a huge smile on his face.  In front of my favorite paintings by my favorite painter.  It was one for the books….

Well, while meandering through an antique store we came across Monet’s Waterlilies of Giverny.  A textured print, of course.  But Monet’s Waterlilies, nonetheless.  Every time we see that painting, we are fondly reminded of that special day.  We were so crazy in love…and still are.

So we took a picture in front of it……


After we bought it and hung it in our dining room, that is!


Another perfect addition to our “antique store finds.”  Just about every piece of artwork or décor we own has a story behind it, and so many great memories…  And now we have a piece to remind us of the day we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

Another good find!!


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