{Spread the word} Jaymie’s Story

It is now after 2:00 in the morning.

I should be going to sleep right now.  I should have gone to bed hours ago.  But I just cannot go to bed without putting down in words what is on my mind, and in my heart.

I stayed up too late…like I typically do when Nick is out of town.  And right before I turned my tablet off–so I could wind down–I saw a post on Facebook.

It was a gofundme link.  But it wasn’t just for some stranger this time.  And my heart just sank.  Because I remember the moment that Nick told me about Jaymie’s injury.  He was pretty torn up about it when he found out.  For so many reasons.  And I cried when he told me.  Our hearts broke for Jaymie and for her family.  Because they were our family too, for so long while we lived in Durham.  And quite frankly still are…regardless of where we live and the career path we have chosen to take.

I remember the day Nick and I moved out of our house in Durham.  We were moving to Texas and it was stressful.  Everything happened so fast at that time in our life.  I had no idea how we were actually going to pull it all off.  And then that morning, a band of Durham’s finest showed up at our door…ready to help with all the heavy lifting.  And they were happy to be there. 

Jaymie’s dad was there; as was she.  Moving days are always stressful, but that day went on without a hitch.  Maggie was in her swing, and Jaymie was running around playing.  I held her and played with her; while the guys cleared out our house.  I remember all of us sitting in our empty dining room eating pizza, and laughing, and watching Jaymie bounce on one of Maggie’s toys.  It was a special day for so many reasons.  That’s definitely a moving day that I will never forget.

And that was the last time I saw Jaymie before her injury.  {And I say “injury” because it’s tears me up inside to even speak the actual words I want to say about what happened to her.}  The next time I saw her, she was in the hospital.  I had come back to North Carolina to visit family with Maggie.  And I made sure to visit with Jaymie and her family in the hospital; because they were our family.  I’m just so amazed by the strength her parents have shown throughout this process.  They carried on…they carried on for Jaymie.  Jaymie is blessed to have such wonderful parents and such a loving family.  And I am blessed to have known them as family, even if for a short time in my life.  Because once family, always family.

And that is why I am sharing this gofundme page.  Jaymie and her family are so near and dear to mine and my husband’s hearts.  Although we fail, at times, to show how much they mean to us and to stay in touch as much as we really should…they are in our thoughts and prayers.  And this story bears repeating, because this is a family that is truly deserving of a blessing.

Please read Jaymie’s story and spread the word.

{click on the photo to follow the link to her gofundme page}


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