Congrats to Desiree & Robert!! {engagement photo shoot}

A big congratulations on the engagement of Desiree and Robert…!!!

Desiree and I met via facebook before I moved to Fort Worth, and we’ve been friends ever since the move.  And I’m very excited that she trusted me with taking their engagement announcement photos…  It was a lot of fun too!!  We found three great little parks, but Eagle Mountain Park was my favorite.  I can’t wait to take photos with Maggie there one day! 🙂

By the end of the session (3 hrs), I had 600+ shots to sort through… I narrowed it down to 350…and then down again to a final 97 great shots for Desiree to sort through.

And here is just a handful of my favorite shots, because there were just too many awesome pics to post them all!!


1 Edited_IMG_2984

6 IMG_3006 (4)

IMG_3170 (2)

IMG_3075 (2) IMG_3130 (3)  IMG_3165 (2)  IMG_3216 (2) IMG_3413 (2)
28IMG_2959 (2)
Edited_IMG_2763 (2) Edited_IMG_2780_2 Edited_IMG_2848 Edited_IMG_28092


What a fun day! 🙂

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{settling in} slowly but surely…

man, this move has been exhausting… the last time we built a house, we ended up moving in the rain…so i guess i shouldn’t have been surprised by the sideways rain on moving day this time too!

we’re getting settled slowly but surely….we still have another couple ceiling fans to install, 3 more blinds to put up and several boxes to unpack.  it’s so easy to feel like it all has to be done at once, but i know life will go on if i don’t get everything done right away.  i just feel like we’ve been living around boxes forever, and i just can’t do it for another month! {but slow and steady wins the race…!!}

nick worked so hard to make sure everything was mostly done before he had to go back to work. and he even ended up with food poisoning in the middle of it all, which slowed him down, but didn’t stop him!  i’m so thankful for him and all he does for us. {i’ve got a keeper!!} we’ve had some hiccups along the way, but they seem to be working themselves out.

right now, i’m sitting in the living room, watching ‘epic log homes,’ with every bit of our downstairs furniture off the hardwood–waiting for my floors to dry.  the cleaners did a pretty bad job of cleaning them before closing, so they were super hazy and every bit of dust or dirt stuck to them. it just drove me nuts for the past two days walking on them barefoot!  but i got a new BONA mop, cleaner, and polish…and they’re shining like glass now!  {is it weird that mopping and polishing my floors is therapeutic for me?}

we still have one last load to get from the old house and some light cleaning to do. but i’ve got a couple more days left to do it…so no rush!

all in all, everything is going well… regardless of the constant mess, it’s still so very nice to finally be in our new home.  i still haven’t had time to take pictures but i’ll get there. please be patient with me…!! i promise to post pictures soon!

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moving on up………..the street

tomorrow we close………..

we close on our first texas home……we close the door to our rental house in saginaw…….we close a chapter in our life.

it seems like we just got to texas…and it’s so hard to believe that we’ve made it almost a year in this house.  in hindsight, it really hasn’t been such a terrible house.  it’s old and has had it’s fair share of maintenance issues, but it has served it’s purpose. 

and tomorrow we will be given the keys to our new home.  it will have been a long anticipated moment when we can walk through the front door, and stay…..


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mom vs mom {we both win}

i recently joined a BNSF Wives facebook page…in an attempt to make friends.  it’s harder than you may think.  i’m almost thirty, ya know….and it’s not like making friends in school or at work.  so facebook has been helpful in that regard, i guess.  i made three friends on facebook already…  (1) one fb friend before i moved, and we both had our babies about a week apart.  we have shared our pregnancy wishes and woes and ailments and even now share our mommy worries and excitement.  (2) one fb friend after i moved, who has a husband in the oil business so she very well understands the husband-out-of-town gig.  AND she understands the stay-at-home-mom gig too–which i’m fairly new to (almost a year now).  and she’s taught me how to coupon which is quite exhilarating at times.  umm, free nail polish for life….hell yeah!  (3) and one fb friend that hasn’t moved to fort worth yet, but we chat on fb like we’ve known each other for quite some time…we have a shared addiction to chocolate and wine.  {my husband cracks up every time i tell him that i’ve started texting with my new fb friend….he calls it second base….LOL}

anyway–i digress–on this new BNSF Wives page, i came across a blog post that really spoke to me.  because i once struggled with the idea of going back to work and putting maggie in daycare and then only getting about an hour with her before bedtime during the week and 2 days on the weekend.  and sometimes i struggle being at home because i left my career at a time when i was just getting started with the new role i’d obtained.  i do miss my lunch hour at berkeley’s cafe with coworkers.  and boy, what i would give to rustle the papers on rachel’s desk right now and see her fight the urge to straighten them for a minute before she gives in to her OCD. {ms. homiak, if you read this, maybe you could walk down the hall and give it a go for me…wink wink.}  but then i’m so very excited about the opportunity to paint and create while at home and finally work towards my passion.  and ya know, driving an hour to work to get paid to put maggie in daycare just seemed a little one-step-forward-two-steps-back to me.

but there are women out there who do it…everyday.  there are stay-at-home-moms who work hard to provide their child{ren} with a loving and supportive home environment, and provide their child{ren} with discipline and good morals, and raise them right.  and there are working moms who work hard to provide their child{ren} with a loving and supportive home environment, and provide their child{ren} with discipline and good morals, and raise them right.  no one “job” is better than the other.  no one “job” is harder than the other.  they are the same.  because the one thing they have in common is the word “mom.”

check this post out if you have time or are interested.  i liked it, so i thought i would share…

A Letter from a Working Mum to a Stay-at-home Mum and Vice Versa

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maggie’s fairy princess birthday party

now that i have shared photos from maggie’s first first birthday party in NC…here are some pictures of maggie’s first birthday party in TX!!  it turned out great!

IMG_2024 IMG_2026 IMG_2029 IMG_2031 IMG_2033 IMG_2035 IMG_2037 IMG_2040 IMG_2048 IMG_2055 IMG_2058 IMG_2061 IMG_2069 IMG_2071 IMG_2073 IMG_2075 IMG_2078 IMG_2081 IMG_2084 IMG_2089 IMG_2100 IMG_2106 IMG_2115 IMG_2118  IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2142
IMG_6057 IMG_6065 IMG_6070 IMG_6078 IMG_6079 IMG_6120 IMG_6129 IMG_6139 IMG_6145 IMG_6148  IMG_6155 IMG_6163 IMG_6165 IMG_6170

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{under-da-sea} maggie’s NC first birthday

better late than never…………..

here are some pics of maggie’s first first birthday party in NC… it turned out great!















IMG_5839 IMG_5844








(fyi: no live fish were harmed in the making of maggie’s party……..we decided to leave them in the pond after all…lol)



(maggie wouldn’t stop moving = blurry baby!)

we had a great time!!  can’t wait to see everyone again in the fall…i’m sure we’ll find a reason to have another big get-together! ….i am turning the big 3-0 this year! EEEEK!

so blessed with great friends and family that came out to share the day with us.  and grateful to all those who helped decorate and prepare for maggie’s big day! maggie had such a great birthday!  {still working on my ‘thank you’ cards…lol…better late than never!!}

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{maggie} random candid photo shoot

i find myself taking pictures with my iphone far too often….my parents got us an amazing new digital camera for christmas, and we need to use it more at home!  we take it with us on outings all the time, but we are just too quick to use our iphones to snap pictures in the moment.  so today while maggie was playing after dinner, i decided to get the camera out for a little random candid photo shoot.  love her…













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