{settling in} slowly but surely…

man, this move has been exhausting… the last time we built a house, we ended up moving in the rain…so i guess i shouldn’t have been surprised by the sideways rain on moving day this time too!

we’re getting settled slowly but surely….we still have another couple ceiling fans to install, 3 more blinds to put up and several boxes to unpack.  it’s so easy to feel like it all has to be done at once, but i know life will go on if i don’t get everything done right away.  i just feel like we’ve been living around boxes forever, and i just can’t do it for another month! {but slow and steady wins the race…!!}

nick worked so hard to make sure everything was mostly done before he had to go back to work. and he even ended up with food poisoning in the middle of it all, which slowed him down, but didn’t stop him!  i’m so thankful for him and all he does for us. {i’ve got a keeper!!} we’ve had some hiccups along the way, but they seem to be working themselves out.

right now, i’m sitting in the living room, watching ‘epic log homes,’ with every bit of our downstairs furniture off the hardwood–waiting for my floors to dry.  the cleaners did a pretty bad job of cleaning them before closing, so they were super hazy and every bit of dust or dirt stuck to them. it just drove me nuts for the past two days walking on them barefoot!  but i got a new BONA mop, cleaner, and polish…and they’re shining like glass now!  {is it weird that mopping and polishing my floors is therapeutic for me?}

we still have one last load to get from the old house and some light cleaning to do. but i’ve got a couple more days left to do it…so no rush!

all in all, everything is going well… regardless of the constant mess, it’s still so very nice to finally be in our new home.  i still haven’t had time to take pictures but i’ll get there. please be patient with me…!! i promise to post pictures soon!

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One Response to {settling in} slowly but surely…

  1. When we moved, AZ had it’s 1st Tornado in 50 years LOL! Literally, it was crazy! It was like that our whole visit here, it rained (Land of the sun), then we moved and it just rained and rained, then on truck day, there was a tornado.

    It will all get done, I so wish we could be there to help. My husband is great at installing fans, (did 4 for us), I am send positive vibes your way.

    Sorry it took so long to check this. I got sick literally after I sent you the PM.

    ~Megan L

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