{just rambling}

i did a drive-by at the house today…………………….


not that kind of drive-by, silly……………….

the work on the house has really started picking up….  now we have a driveway.  and we have sheetrock up.  and the brick is going up this week!!

i’m so excited and anxious at the same time.  with nick on the road a lot and his schedule being so hit or miss, i’m starting to panic about planning this move and making sure i have my muscle home to lift heavy objects.  but i’m sure it will all work out.  if not, i’m hiring two men and a truck….b/c mama’s got a precious little one-year-old to chase around now!

and we are impatiently waiting for the call from our builder to give us an exact date for closing.  right now, all we know is “the first or second week of july.”  which is right around the corner!!

we’ve already worked out details on getting out of our current lease two months early, but i don’t want to submit our move-out notice until i have an exact date.  and i’ve got to get this rental house “show ready” too.  unfortunately, i may just be putting makeup on a pig.  no matter how much makeup she wears, she’s still a pig… but if i know anything about staging a home, i think i can figure out a way to divert the eye from the rough edges and emphasize the positives. i just have to figure out what the positives are first….


and the only positive i can think of right now is that in less than 6 weeks, i will be able to take a HOT bubble bath in a big soaker tub with a glass or two of wine, without worrying about contracting tetanus or scurvy. {not quite sure what scurvy is or how it’s transmitted, but i’m sure i’d get it from these awful tubs!}  seriously, i haven’t taken a bath since september… the closest i’ve gotten to soaking in a tub was laying in maggie’s kiddie pool while she napped……in 5 inches of water with floaty toys.  {clarification: i have bathed since september…just haven’t taken a bath}


yep, i’m gonna need one of those……!!!

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