{birthday deja vue}

maggie rose is growing so quickly and it just hit me that her first birthday is only 68 days away!! it’s has been so fun watching her grow before my very eyes…but sometimes i just want her to slow down!

seriously, slow down… i need more time to plan your birthday party! then it hit me, i should have a NC party and a TX party for maggie! i want my friends and family in NC to enjoy maggie’s special day too.

and so it starts……….

party planning for not one, but TWO birthday parties.  and there’s only so much i can take back to NC, so a majority of my party planning for the NC party won’t happen until about 2 weeks before her party…which is not like me!  i may actually need to call on my crafting partner, kristi, for some help once i get into town.  and then there’s only so much i can bring back to TX, so i’ll have to do a lot of my crafting twice. {oh boy!}

so we will be in town from 4/9 to 4/30.  and little miss anabelle jones will be here to enjoy maggie’s first first birthday party too…!  it will be nice to have a big gathering of friends and family while we’re there.  there are so many people i’d like to see but can hardly see them all in only 3 weeks.  {not to mention, anabelle has already reserved a majority of my time while in NC….oooooh, i can’t wait to see that little girl!}

my mom and dad will be coming to town for maggie’s TX party so i’m really excited about showing them TX…and they can see the house in progress! {it they would hurry up and get started building!}  nick has already decided that he wants to build a wall-to-wall bookshelf in the study like my dad’s… so they’ll need to talk shop and design while he’s in town too.  my parents are going to be experiencing some major deja vue at maggie’s second first birthday party!

we probably won’t have that many people attending maggie’s birthday party in TX, so we can maybe just reserve a large table at a nice restaurant for her TX party {one that allows balloons and cake!}.

yeah…….i think two birthday parties within 30 days of each other is totally doable!!  now i just need to figure out themes and crafts for both! {yay!}

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