{lighting dilemma}

if you know me well, then you should know that i have already started the design process for the new house… as any normal person would do, i’ve created folders on my desktop to save inspiration pics for each space.  {labeled accordingly, of course}  what? everyone does that, right?

i’ve scrounged up as many model home pics of our floor plan as possible and started picking out light sources, window treatments, paint colors, backsplash samples, and rug patterns.  and clickity-click-click! they’re all saved in their respective folders ready to start decorating (and DIYing)………in 5 months! {insert silent scream here}

surely, i have better things to do…….. laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, feeding and bathing my child. ha!  just kidding about the last one… LOL

soooo, my current design dilemma is in the kitchen… and i’m not talking about my current rental kitchen that makes me shutter at the sight of the chipped faux wood-grain laminate countertops, gargantuan painted white hood vent in the dead center of the kitchen, and 1970s brown (again faux wood-grain laminate) cabinets with a sink that fits 3 dishes before it overflows.  {end rant}

let’s recall my FAVORITE crystal chandelier that i made sure to remove before placing our durham house on the market.


this beauty has been packed away since before we put the house on the market… and sadly, i’ve started the whole oooh-let’s-go-texas-rustic-with-this-new-house… [step back and really think about it, traci]  i think i may get bored with the woodsy rustic décor and have to change the whole house within a couple months.  and we all know a certain bearded man who has grown weather weary of design changes!  so we’re not going to change our style completely just because we changed our residence… we are, and always have been, a little bit country and a little bit vintage with an eclectic rustic flair.  try to come up with a name for that design style, HGTV!

so i’ve decied that my loverly crystal chandelier (that i got for a steal, i might add) will look perfect over our floating island in the kitchen…


however, the island light cannot upstage the chandelier over the dining room table.  and since we have an open concept floor plan, the kitchen flows into the dining space. thus creating a healthy, yet volatile, sibling rivalry between the island light and dining table light.  now this mama has to find an equally stunning crystal chandelier for the dining table… or scrap the whole design altogether because i’m not going to break the bank for a chandelier!!  and therein lies my lighting dilemma…

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