{oxymoronic yet content}

i have found that it is very easy to go overboard when moving into a new home… for some reason, a new home always requires some type of upgrade, whether it be upgrading old rugs or furniture or décor… there’s just something about moving old, worn out belongings into a new home that is a little oxymoronic {{i really don’t think that’s a scrabble-approved word, but it works!}}.

i have a habit of recycling and evolving furniture and décor… don’t even ask my husband how many bedspreads i’ve purchased over the years trying to create that perfect master bedroom… please don’t…  since getting married, nick and i have owned FIVE different couches.  the very first couch we had in our 2 bedroom apartment in raleigh, was a hand-me-down from my parents.  it was a 10 year-old blue leather reclining couch that came from the mountain house in asheville.  it was worn and cracking and solid…and nick still talks about that couch to this day!  no couch i have purchased has even compared to the coziness of that old, worn-out blue leather couch. as comfy as it was, it was quite an eye sore. 

throughout our marriage we have gathered and purged furniture and décor… and i’m happy to say somewhere along the way, we have learned the art of collecting without cluttering.  when buying new/old pieces or finding freebies on the curb to refinish, we ask ourselves two questions: where will it go in our home?  and will we actually get around to refinishing it?  and that has helped us focus on filling our home–not our garage–with quality and unique pieces.  {{it only took us 6 years to get into that groove!}} 

luckily, we won’t need to get a new couch for the living room in our new home.  {thanks to my uncle mike and his purging of old furniture after moving into his new home that he renovated in charleston}  and we have some great furniture and decorative pieces gifted to us by my auntie pat who was also purging her storage unit.  and a great bookcase, built by my dad, that will go perfectly in the study. {i’m starting to notice a pattern among the doty’s when it comes to furniture! lol… and wondering why furniture hasn’t become a family business…….yet!}

we really won’t need much when moving into our new home.  and although i rather enjoy changing our furniture and décor and starting over with a new canvas every time we move, i’m quite content with the fact that i don’t have to start all over.  we have all the time in the world to find stuff for our home.  i’m quite content with everything we have already collected over the years… and i’m quite content with being a little oxymoronic with this move.  {{there’s that word again!}} 

now i can finally just decorate my house and feel settled!!

{ok, i guess not right now….but in 5 months…..OMG, this build is going to test my patience!!}

p.s. my husband has nixed further visits to the lot until an actual foundation is poured……. 

{sigh……….what a buzzkill} 



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