{must have} round corners

from the very beginning–before we even made it to the model home to just “check it out”– nick and i agreed to pick the upgrades that we cannot (or will not) do ourselves… we know what we can do and we know what we can’t…

$700 for a ledge and a thin piece of casing on the bottoms of all the windows is unnecessary when we can buy the wood and install window trim ourselves for way cheaper AND use nicer trim at that… $1000 to tile all the wet areas with our choice of boring beige tile is ridiculous (umm, why pay for tile that we are going to rip out and replace anyway??)… $1100 for a double vanity in the guest bathroom (although very nice, when are we going to have two guests using both sinks simultaneously?? and let’s face it, i’m going to rip out the vanity and put a great piece of furniture in our guest bath with a custom sink… again, no need to spend money on something i’m going to rip out anyway.) $500 for them to install a run-of-the-mill garage door opener (check lowes or home depot, and you’ll know why we didn’t pick that upgrade!) $900 to install window blinds… although nick and i had our fair share of knock-down-drag-outs calm debates over how to hang blinds in the last house, i think we have mastered the art of window blinds by now!!

and the list goes on and on… just a bunch of stuff that we could do ourselves cheaper and better!  but some of the upgrades were really nice and things we just couldn’t do without.  and one of the upgrades that we just couldn’t pass up………rounded cornersok, that’s ALL nick!  i could really take ’em or leave ’em but nick wants rounded corners because it really “softens the look of a room” and they’re probably not the easiest to do ourselves.  and he probably never would have shut up about the rounded corners if we didn’t get them… 10 total outside corners in the house, by the way… 1-0! TEN! 

{i’m shaking my head right now…… and smiling because i think that it is just adorable that my bearded conductor husband–who builds things with his hands and works with giant trains–wants rounded corners to soften the look of our home… if it makes him happy, we’ll have rounded corners in our house… haha!!}

surprisingly, we have agreed on quite a bit throughout the selection process for this house… it seems a little too easy.  our first agent, collette, was witness to quite a few arguments over colors and materials with our last build…  kim got off real easy with this one! haha!


{{is it july yet????}}

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