{the end of the hunt}

we have finally reached the end of our house hunt…!!!

i don’t remember house hunting being so stressful last time… maybe it’s just a different market out here.  i don’t know, but what i do know is that i don’t have to worry about another showing for a really long time!!

…because we decided to build our first home in texas!

what?!?!?!?  yeah, i know!!

it did not take us long to decide that it was time to check out a model home and see about building.  it seemed like everything we found just wasn’t right…there was always something that one of us could complain about.  nick and i didn’t want to settle…and buying a home is a huge decision.  and after losing the house on hennessey trail that we both really liked…….we threw in the towel!

i’ve mentioned building a couple times…nick wasn’t really on board yet… but he humored me anyway.  and we finally decided to just go to the model home in the lakepointe neighborhood to either (1) rule out building as an option or (2) to finally settle on a house that we both loved.  nick was still on the fence until we walked through the model home of the layout we chose…

we were both sold!  and we scheduled our final meeting with our agent and the builder’s representative today.

i forgot how much fun it was to pick out colors for brick, cabinets, floors, granite, carpets, etc… our agent, kim–who we just adore and appreciate so very much–played vanna white for us too.  the “design center” in the model had one whole wall of different bricks available.  she held up the different trim and moved back and forth, and back and forth, until we finished the process of elimination.

kim has been such a breath of fresh air…!!  it’s sad to say, but nick and i were a little jaded by the whole rigamarole of selling our home in durham.  we were not a fan of our last agent, and we found ourselves painted into a corner because we’d spent so much time listening to his spiels that we just didn’t even have time to search out a new agent… and then only by the grace of God did we finally sell that house…!  and just in the nick of time!

we are so happy to be working with kim and feel like she is just a great fit for us… our personalities clicked immediately and we’ve had so much fun with her…!! 

now i just can’t wait to go by the lot daily every now and then to see the progress as it’s being built!  we should be closing in june/july but will get a more definite date as it nears completion.  i had planned to take pictures of all our selections and post them for you, but i forgot…. however, i did find some pictures on google of a model home with a similar floor/cabinet/granite/etc selection as what we have chosen.  so that will just have to do until i can snap some pictures later on!







we chose the brick color called ‘cimarron’ which we found very neat because the builder of our last house was cimarron!  it’s a sign…lol!  the color of the brick reminds us of the colors of our brick patio… and i plan on painting the shutters turquoise {which the HOA allows…woot woot!}  see below because i know that’s probably a little difficult to imagine…

turq shutters


and i’m sure you won’t be surprised that i have already created a layout of the entire house of where our furniture will go…. shocker!!  now we just have to wait 4-5 months to actually move in. {boo}  but it will be worth the wait!!

stay tuned for more pictures of the build!!

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