{house hunt reset}

nick and i just knew something wasn’t right when we hadn’t received the final contract by late evening on wednesday…

after some unsettling news that the seller wanted to fast track closing, we made our best and final offer.  and we asked that our agent make sure they knew that this was “it” and we wouldn’t wait long before we had to start looking at different houses.

and the seller decided to hold out for another offer…

part of me wanted to say “screw them, i hope they don’t get another offer!”

but nick and i were in their boat not too long ago.  rushing to sell our house, relocating with a little girl in tow, and hoping to make a little money off our home… we’ve been there and we didn’t take the first asking price offer… and at the recommendation of our realtor we finally dropped the price a month and a half later and ended up paying to sell our home.

this family is already relocated and looking at carrying two mortgages very soon… and in this economy, you just don’t wish that on anyone.

i guess it just wasn’t “the one” after all… so we are resetting our search and starting over at square one.  hoping we find something soon, and hoping the seller of the last house finds the right buyer to meet their needs.

stay tuned….!!!! 🙂


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