{stress of the hunt}

so i’m wondering how on earth i could forget the stress of the house hunt…

you start by stalking houses on the internet… looking at the same houses over and over again… imagining your furniture in each house… then you start driving by… and then there’s the peeking in windows of vacant homes and hoping you don’t get the cops called on you… it’s rather exciting!!

then when you decide to make an offer, you get all paranoid!!  are we going to offend them to the point where they don’t even want to respond??  are we not asking for enough??  are we waiting too long to respond??  what if they got another offer??  why is our agent not calling us back at 9:38pm?!?!! surely, she lives to sell us a home!! right?!?!

nick and i found a house we wanted to offer on… we made an offer and heard nothing back… we went to some open houses to have back-ups… we found a back-up that became our front runner because we assumed the first house got another offer… we went out on a limb and threw an offer out there… and then we got a response from the first home… and at that moment, we found ourselves in quite a predicament..!!  two houses that we absolutely loved that were at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum…  apples and oranges!!

one was older but well kept in an awesome neighborhood by the lake… huge yard… lots of space… needing some updates throughout… but had a great kitchen and was so cozy!!

the other was a newer home in a great neighborhood with a pool and an elementary school… great floor plan… crown molding and tall baseboards and a great staircase… stone fireplace and a great big master bedroom with a window seat…

decisions decisions!!!!!!  well, we made a decision and now the anticipation is just killing us!! 

and i have no fingernails now……………….

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