{25 things} back in business….kinda

i must first apologize for falling off the face of the earth since moving to texas… not that i had a large fan base before, but i made a goal to blog regularly and i have failed miserably.  i hate to use the excuse that “life happened” because i think it’s kind of a cop-out.  so no excuses here……just the sincerest of apologies!!

and i figured a 25 things post would be a fun way to get back into the swing of things!  so here goes:

25 things {texas housing dilemma}

1.  the “retro charm” of this shithole rental house has worn off…

2.  like the leather on jake’s $50 arm-chair we got at goodwill

3.  no, we didn’t spend $50 on a chair for jake, he just claimed it

4.  we didn’t argue


5.  i stopped decorating rooms in this house

6.  i found a better use of my time

7.  house hunting…………………….


8.  maggie and i have explored every nook and cranny in and around saginaw and fort worth…just about every day

9.  we’ve had our fair share of play dates with maggie’s new friends to break up the monotony too

10.  nick refuses to buy a house where he’ll scrape his elbows on the neighbor’s house while taking out the trash cans

11.  i refuse to buy a fixer-upper with a lot of land for farm animals that i would end up caring for while my husband is out gallivanting around on a train…

farm lot

12. i just remembered how taxing the house buying process was 4 years ago

13.  we might as well move into nick’s tiny house and roam the land like gypsies

14.  you haven’t heard about the tiny house?!?!

15.  just wait…

tiny house

16.  at least maggie wouldn’t be able to go very far in the tiny house

17.  she’s on the verge of crawling

18.  and on the verge of ripping through her leggings like mini hulk

19.  it looks like my child is wearing capris in the cold winter months

20.  thank god maggie’s bubbly personality and adorable stinkin’ smile distracts people long enough for me to cover that mom fail with a blanket

21.  and thank god for care packages from nana that seem to arrive just in time!

21.  maggie really has become the most amazing little creature i’ve ever laid eyes on…


22.  and i can’t wait to watch her grow into a silly little girl like my little bug, carsyn

23.  there’s another little bug due to arrive in april that i need to smother with kisses…!!

24.  little miss anabelle……i shall dub her “ana bug”

25.  it’s about time for another trip to NC…!!!

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