{curb scouting sunday}

once the gears were set in motion for this move to texas, nick and i decided that we would stop “projects” until we got the house sold and were in texas.  we didn’t have any room in the garage and all our time was spent cleaning and readying the house for showings and taking care of magpie.

if you know anything about nick and i, you know that one of our favorite pastimes is dumpster diving.  our date nights consisted of driving around town checking apartment complex dumpsters and neighborhood curbs for freebies.  we’re a cheap date!

well, we’ve been in texas about three weeks now.  the house isn’t completely organized and settled yet.  i’m working on that a little at a time.  in the neighborhood where we live now, there’s a house down the street that always has something good on the curb.  trash comes twice a week which means twice the opportunity for some good finds! 

tonight we decided to drive around and see what texas had to offer.  we loaded maggie into the truck and started our journey.  and boy have i missed some curb scouting!  we found two headboards to refinish and a wooden shelf for nick to use in the garage.  one is going to take a lot more work than the other, but i’m up for the challenge!  i can’t wait to get started on some new projects!  and i really can’t wait to go curb scouting again!




stay tuned for the finished products…!! 

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2 Responses to {curb scouting sunday}

  1. Dave The Wave says:

    You are hilarious, love your blog. Let me tell you about “the Trash Can Van” sometime…fun times.

  2. BT says:

    Girl, I could read your blog for hours and never get bored! The things you can do with another person’s throw-a-ways are amazing! This is real talent! I look forward to your next update.


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