{vanity stool recovery}

our big move to texas required a little bit of purging before we made the trip, but i had a hard time parting with some of my stuff.  so i didn’t…  i posted some items on craigslist, then when someone was interested in buying them, i backed out last minute.  not cool, i know.  but i rationalized that we would have room in the truck, and that i wouldn’t find replacements in texas.

i’d had a pair of mismatched vanity stools in the garage for several months waiting to be recovered and painted…but life happened and time got away from me.  i guess you can understand how that would happen.  baby.  for sale sign in the yard.  etc etc etc…

well, a nice lady emailed me about said vanity stools…and she didn’t even haggle me on the price.  i paid $40 for the pair {as is} and i would have recouped my money.  but this packrat just couldn’t let them go.  so they made the trip to texas with us.

one day while unpacking and decorating last week, i came across all my fabric… and i had just enough of my favorite pattern for the stools.  so i sat down in the middle of the floor, surrounded by boxes, and recovered both stools. (i didn’t paint them though…i’ll get to that later)  and i’m quite proud of myself for finding just a sliver of time for this recover-y project in the midst of all the chaos during out move-in.  sometimes a girl needs a little DIY distraction to make her feel at home…





not too shabby for my first DIY project in texas on the fly!  i love this fabric too…and as luck would have it, i finally found more of it at hobby lobby in lake worth! {we didn’t have a hobby lobby in durham…the closest one was in greensboro and i never had time to check it out…now i know what i’ve been missing all my life!}


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