{longhorn living} sneak peek of the living room…

i know the suspense is killing you, but you all know that i’m that girl who waits until everything is perfectly decorated and organized before a big reveal.  that may be why it took 8 months for us to host a housewarming party at our first house in durham.  it’s all about aesthetics and feeling at home for me.  that “feel good” moment when guests come over and feel comfortable and welcomed and at home away from home.

i guess i can say that i learned from the best.  my mom definitely knows how to make a house a home.  no matter how many times we moved, she decorated and organized and she made it home.  home was always–and will always be–where mom is.  and i hope one day maggie rose feels the same way about the home i make for our funny little family.

with great regret not really i cannot show you the house just yet.  it’s not finished!  but what i can do is give you a couple sneak peeks of how the living room has come together so far.  leave you foaming at the mouth and wanting more…… {insert evil maniacal laugh here!}  patience, my friends!  it’s almost done! 😉






ok……so that should hold you over for a little bit longer!!  stay tuned for some more sneak peeks! 🙂

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