{settling in to longhorn living}

before the big move, our life was a series of chaotic moments and delightful unknowns.  but as luck would have it–and a whole lot of blind faith–everything has fallen into place perfectly for us to move to texas.  i’m not the type of person to just fly by the seat of my pants, but there were times during this whole process when i had to do just that.  that’s where those delightful unknowns come into play.  i’ve learned quite a bit during this move… and mostly i learned that we have a strong family.  not just nick, maggie and i either.  i’m not fool enough to believe this move was only hard on us.  although we may have seen some opposition in the beginning, our family and friends came together to support this move and help us on our way.

now that we are here, there’s a whole new kind of adjustment we all need to figure out.  our little family needs to learn to adjust to texas living, create routines, figure out home organization, and learn about our surroundings.  as well as learn how to maintain family ties and communication with our loved ones back in NC.

and it’s going to be a constant learning curve for us all.  but for the same reason we are so lovingly close to our family back home, we will figure it out. and we will overcome all the obstacles that abound!!

in the short amount of time that nick, maggie and i have been in texas, we have really started to settle in nicely.  it feels like we’ve been here for months already, but it’s really only been less than a week!  but i’m sure some of that has to do with my  overwhelming need to get our house “put together.”  some may think that moving is a long process that takes weeks to decorate and organize and settle.  but that’s not how i roll!!  thankfully, nick got all the furniture set up, beds made, and all boxes in their correct rooms before maggie and i arrived.  so all i needed to do was unpack and decorate! …and that’s exactly what i did the moment i walked through the door.

in my mind, we are far from being finished {as always} but the house is looking really nice so far.  and it feels like home!!  it may be done by the time september is over! i hope!

stay tuned for pics!!

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