{texas bound} our temporary home…

one of the main items on our agenda for this move was to find a place to live… let me tell you what!! it is super tough to judge a house or apartment complex via internet and make a huge decision to rent, sight unseen. nick did his due diligence and drove around one day looking at over a dozen complexes in the area while he was in texas for his interview. he was able to rule out quite a few with his “copper intuition”. but we seemed to keep hitting a wall when it came to availabilities and the required weight limit for pets.

seriously?! 25 pounds and under? jake is double that! {okay, so we are partly to blame for jake’s obesity in the past two months…i’ll admit it} the culprit: double feedings because nick and i come downstairs from baby feedings at different times…and jake has gotten really good at acting like he’s hungry. and we fall for it every time!

common exchange between nick and i:
nick: wait…did you feed jake this morning?
me: yeah, i fed him.
nick: no! i already fed him!
me: he was acting like he was hungry though!

well, time was running out and we finally found an apartment complex that appeared to be decent… and we figured renting first was the best option so we could really scope out the area before we really set roots. and i was bound and determined not to have to stay in a hotel with maggie and jake for a week before we found a place!

well…….the complex ended up being a no-go {even though we were approved to rent and the complex had an opening}. we were advised to rethink that complex by a friend that i have made in the area. and i’m so glad we did!

further internet research resulted in me watching youtube videos about bedbugs and pulling up crime mapping around that complex… and there is no way i’m going to let my baby girl be snacked on by some nasty little bed bugs!!

so about a week ago, nick and i cracked open a bottle of wine and resumed our house search (online) after putting maggie down to bed. and as luck would have it, we found a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a 2 car garage in a neighborhood close to where nick’s good friends live…with a fenced backyard for jake! needless to say, we pounced! and we snagged it! {sigh of relief!}

it’s an older house so it’s obviously not like the house we are leaving…but if you know anything about me, you know that i can make that house look like a million bucks!! ….and not spend a dime either. i’ve already created a floor plan for the house and placed all our furniture in the home (on paper). so when nick arrives in texas with the truck and all of our earthly belongings, he’ll know exactly where to put furniture.


it’s not to scale, obviously…. daughter of an engineer creates a floorplan that’s not to scale?! i know right! but it’s all i had to work with…and it gets the job done!

i’m looking forward to getting in there and making it homey… although we are renting and we can’t paint or change anything in the house, it’s still our {temporary} home… and it will feel like home if i have anything to do with it!

{stay tuned for the before&after of our temporary home!!}


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