{tiny toes and texas-sized dreams}

i don’t even know how to start a blog post like this……. i have actuallyh been compiling this for the past 2 weeks…!!

maybe i should just come right out the gate with: hey yall, we’re moving to texas!

or maybe i should start with a long narrative of the past 6 months to a year of our lives while we weighed the options of a big cross country move…and then settle on the final conclusion that we have decided to move to texas.

either way i say it….it’s going to be one of those “oh wow, what?!” kinda moments to some.

as you know….on may 25th of this year, TWO became THREE in the clarke home…and the whole world turned upside down! {in a good way, of course!} we welcomed miss maggie rose into our home and our hearts that day, and we were never the same again!!

it’s interesting the transformation that takes place once you become a parent…

–your coffee never seems to be hot enough, no matter how many times you warm that first cup between feedings and changing diapers and rocking…and you begin to acquire a taste for cold coffee.
–the term “neat-freak” becomes an attractive characteristic to have.
–you find yourself crying at the children’s movie despicable me 2, because you imagine your little girl prancing around in a princess costume at her birthday party.
–tiny little toes become tasty little morsels that you just can’t get enough of!!

and the goals you made for yourself long ago develop into texas-sized dreams of giving your child everything she wants and needs… even if it means sacrificing the things you want along the way. and even if it takes you halfway across the country…

and that brings me to our decision to start the next chapter of our lives in texas… we have been mulling over the idea of texas for a while, but the actual opportunity only became available to us since mid july. and then we mulled a little more… and we finally came to the conclusion that: texas is where we need to be.

nick has a great opportunity to start a career with BNSF Railway in late september. and it’s an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up although this decision hasn’t come without more than its fair share of heartache. it’s been a tad stressful (<–understatement) these past 30 days not knowing what our future would hold… and knowing that this decision wouldn’t just be hard on us, but also on our close family and friends… but we are so grateful for the support and encouragement that we’ve gotten from some of you to help us through these growing pains.

we’re taking this move one day at a time because there are so many things we can’t control… and so many things to consider before rolling out in september. we are very excited about this new chapter in our lives, while still keeping the book open to pages of our lives here in north carolina.

we will miss everyone here in north carolina dearly but know that love and friendships can withstand time and distance…!

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