impromptu photo shoot {part one}

today after feeding maggie, we decided to take some newborn pictures… she was completely milk drunk and it seemed like the perfect time of any! we scrambled to grab as many photo props as possible and just started shooting. and i just had to get that mermaid tail on her! (except i found that it was a tad short…she’s going to have long legs like mommy! but we made it work!)

i haven’t really gone through each picture to edit them and crop and recolor and resize… but i just couldn’t wait to share the first round of pictures we took of this sweet little girl that we are so madly in love with!

so here’s a sneak peek at Maggie’s newborn photos (first drafts)… i plan to make a baby book on shutterfly and take some more pictures tomorrow at my parents’ house when we go to visit.






this one is extra special to me…these are the tulips that i used on my grandmother’s memorial table






ok, so that’s it for now! more to come after the next photo shoot! (maybe this next one will be a little more organized…LOL!)

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