at long last love has arrived…


our sweet little angel is finally here! she came into this world on saturday, may 25 at 9:06am.

our birth story:

my last day of work was supposed to be friday, 5/24…but last minute that morning after my doctor’s appointment, i decided to take it easy (doctor’s orders) since my blood pressure was slightly elevated and i was having mini contractions since Wednesday. my supervisor was understanding and told me to relax. and i just had a feeling the night before that maggie would be making her appearance very soon! {especially with the ominous full moon drawing near!}

so that friday, nick and i ran errands… we walked up the street twice… and we enjoyed a late lunch at rick’s diner (we were the youngest couple in the restaurant–they must have had a senior special going on that day!). i made sure to enjoy a spicy buffalo chicken salad and sweet tea, followed by a lemon strawberry shortcake that was to die for! i justified my big dessert to nick because i assumed it would be my last meal for a while if maggie decided to come tonight. and i’m so happy i did…..because it was!

contractions really picked up around 5:30 (which would have been about the time i’d be driving home from work, had i gone)… we started timing them, but they slowed down a bit. so nick and i went to harris teeter and rented a redbox. then my water broke around 9:30pm. it wasn’t a dramatic burst of gushing water like in the movies… just a pop and a swish. i had to call my doctor and make sure it really broke. she suggested that i labor at home for a little bit until my contractions were closer together. so i drew a warm bath…which didn’t last long because my contractions increased in intensity quick and were closer and closer together. so i told nick to help me out of the tub and get the car ready because i wasn’t waiting any longer. and boy, those contractions were no joke!

nick jumped into high gear and collected our hospital bags and got the car ready… and we were off! then i realized i had left my birth plan sitting on the counter. so we went back for it… nick got on the phone and requested some assistance with the traffic lights on the way to the hospital. we were escorted through the super long traffic lights by one of his colleagues, complete with blue lights! as soon as we pulled up, i hopped out leaving nick to fend for himself and walked right in to check in. the nurse sent for a wheelchair and a lady arrived very quickly with my chariot!

and we were off… but the lady was walking so slow! i even said, ‘ya know what, i think i’m fine to walk’ a couple times during the long trip to labor and delivery. i even got up out of the wheelchair before she put the brakes on! then we headed into triage…

but first i had to get a gown on. nick tried to help but we both were struggling with the snaps! i had three contractions in the bathroom getting that damn gown on! and finally once i was all put together, i got the last triage room that night. the full moon had apparently kick-started quite a few women into labor that night!

at one point, i think nick was a little beside himself watching me go through so much pain. now i can’t really remember what the pain felt like, but at that moment, i think i wanted to cry and punch someone and hug someone all at the same time! luckily i married a good man… he helped me through the pain and kept me focused. his celtic cross tattoo on his forearm ended up being one of my main focal points, as i gripped his hand. that epidural couldn’t come fast enough! by the time we got to triage around 11pm i was already 5cm dilated. since L&D was a full house that night, it took a little time for me to get a room…and they couldn’t get me my epidural until i was in a room. and then of course i was on the ‘waiting list’ at that point.

it was 1:15am when the anesthesiologist came in for my epidural. and she talked so fast–i loved that about her! i had to sign a form to get the epidural and my mom told me that i scribbled my name and threw the pen at the anesthesiologist. LOL! nothing personal! 😛 i went through three contractions while getting the epidural, but once it was in–sweet bliss! i totally wanna point and laugh at my previous self for saying i wanted to have maggie au natural!

my contractions slowed down a bit after that, but by 6:00am i was 10cm and ready to labor down. except my nurse was a little worn out and gave me no direction whatsoever. at one point, i think she said ‘let nature run its course.’ for someone who has never done this before, that statement was a bit ambiguous… so for three hours i was repositioning and trying to feel that crazy urge to push that my nurse was telling me i should be feeling. nick even had to take over counting because she lost count during a contraction! i started pushing on some contractions but they were so far apart at that point, it seemed like i was just sitting there waiting for the next contraction to come along… she was not helpful at all, so nick asked if i wanted my mom to come in. i initially only wanted to have nick in the room, but at that point i needed another able bodied person to help because my nurse wasn’t much use. so i had my mom come in and she helped support my other leg and count contractions. and basically took the nurses spot beside me. i was so glad she came in!

meanwhile, my nurse was having a hard time keeping the heart rate monitor on my stomach to track the baby’s heartbeat. at one point, she called another nurse in to help and that nurse kinda pissed me off. she found a heartbeat at 89bpm–it was my heartbeat!–and she freaked out thinking it was the baby’s heartbeat. she slapped an oxygen mask on me, flipped me on my side and told me to start pushing… what?! nick did so well to keep me calm throughout that little ordeal. but my doctor came in and found the baby’s heartbeat-which was not 89bpm-and told the nurse to leave because everything was fine. so the oxygen mask came off and i was left to labor down and start pushing when i felt the urge.

at 8:00am shift change, a new nurse, sylvia, came in to relieve my sad and tired nurse and i was so thankful for her! she jumped into action, started pitocin. and then she realized that my pitiful nurse forgot to empty my bladder after the epidural kicked in…and that’s why i couldn’t really feel the urge to push! once that little issue was relieved, it was game on from there. my contractions started picking up again around 8:30ish and everything from that point went smoothly! i got into the perfect rhythm for pushing after finding a comfortable position. and little miss maggie rose joined our family at 9:06am. she weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. it was the most amazing thing in the world when they put her on my chest…time just stood still. nick even cut the cord.

and i have to say that i am so happy that my mom was in the room for maggie’s birth. it feels good to know that she was there when maggie came into this world. (although i’m not sure what her vantage point was the whole time, but i think she was happy to be there too! …i saw her crying when maggie was born, and i’m pretty sure they were happy tears!) and she even took pictures for us, which we wouldn’t have had if she wasn’t there.

all in all it was a wonderful birthing experience, and i couldn’t have asked for a better team than my nurse, sylvia, and my doctor, dr. angel nieves.



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