{strange weather}

the weather has always affected me… cold fronts, heat waves, storms, full moons… my body seems to know when strange weather is on the horizon. and i do love a good thunder and lightning storm!

when we lived in our house on the mountain, we had the most amazing view from our deck… the landscape stretched for miles and miles. we could see to the mountains of tennessee on the clearest of days. on fourth of july, we witnessed several firework shows over different areas in asheville–without ever leaving the comfort of our home. my parents took into account the sunrise and sunset when building that house. while living there it was an every day occurrence for us to witness an amazing sunrise and sunset… my dad took so many pictures of that view– it never got old. driving home in the evening, if you timed it just right at just the right spot, you could see the sun reflecting off every window on the house… and it was the most amazing sight. the entire house was a bright orange beacon of light on the side of the mountain…

we had some amazing memories in that house with family and friends… but what i really enjoyed were the thunder and lightning storms. it was so awesome to watch a storm roll in and see the lightning stretch across asheville at different times. and boy was it a sight when the lightning stretched across the sky from east to west…it was breath-taking!

we (angela, dad and i) used to always get a good laugh when mom would tell me not to got outside and to be careful when there was a thunder and lightning storm…as if i had a metal plate in my head. although i had two brain surgeries between ages 11 and 17, i didn’t have any devices implanted during either of them–at least not to my recollection. LOL!

i’ve had a dull headache for the past week, which i contributed to my pregnancy and lack of sleep. then this weekend, we’ve had some crazy rain storms. on and off, with hot days and cool nights. my headache has been full force today and it seems to come and go with the rain… my mom reminded me tonight that strange weather and changes in barometric pressure can have quite an effect on people, especially me.

with a full moon rising in just 5 sleeps, and storms rolling toward the coast, this strange weather could very well be having an effect on me. i just hope that the full effects of the weather and lunar pull will hold off at least until i get through this last week of work!! {not to mention, i’m sure i’m not the only one to be affected by weather–and i don’t want to go into labor while the hospital is hoppin’ with preggos and screaming babies}.

but 2013 has already amounted to quite a year of unexpected twists and turns in our lives so far…why would we get a break this time?! guess we better be prepared for anything this week, and just hope we can ride out the storm just a little bit longer!!!

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