{much awaited} nursery pictures!!!


so yes, i have been bogarting the nursery pictures… i just have not had any time to get them loaded! but maggie rose will be here before we know it!!

…and i better get my butt in gear!!

some of you have followed my baby crafts along the way… and are dying to see the finished product of maggie’s rag rug!  well let me tell you this…………so am i!  can you believe that a perfectionist craft-crazed ME hasn’t finished that damn rag rug?!  {feel free to gasp….i just did!} the rug has taken me FOREVER…and it’s about 98% done… there are a couple gaps here and there that i can fill in later on.  but for now, it’s good enough.  so without any further adieu, here we go!

so it all started with the bedding!! {i picked it out before we knew if we knew the gender…i didn’t want anything too specific and felt like i could go either way with it}


and i knew i didn’t want pink walls for a girl…so i had already decided on turquoise for the walls with an accent wall depending on the gender…


then we found out we were having a girl!!  {so pink and purple accents had to be next!}  i really wanted purple and white chevrons on the wall behind the crib, but decided to play it safe with wide stripes… i just knew that chevrons would make me lose my mind if they weren’t perfect!  {well, the stripes were an epic fail!!}  how i measured them so wrong is beyond me…so i said, “dammit, i’m doing chevrons!!”

i had painted all of the turquoise walls in one day, and my dad graciously came over and painted the purple wall for me…. i was pooped!! {thanks daddy!}  then i stenciled the chevrons, taped them off, and painted them the next day!


and voila!  {the chevrons were meant to be!} i loved that wall so much i just stood and stared at it every time i passed the room!!


now it was time to accessorize! {woot woot!}  my mom found the crib and dresser at babies r us and knew as soon as she saw it that i would love it.  the name was “montana driftwood.”  {i love anything distressed….she knows me so well!}  my parents bought the crib and dresser for us and it was perfect!


they even got us the chair and ottoman too! {nick and i had to drive 3 hours to charlotte to pick it up so we wouldn’t have to pay $150 shipping…!!}  i made the pillow with heat bond tape….because we all know what a disaster traci is with a sewing machine!!


we stopped at ikea while we were there and found the perfect curtains, wall lamp, and shelf for the closet too!


the curtains were $10 per pair of panels!! what what!  i got a pair for the window and pair for the closet! {heck yeah}  and yes, that is the infamous rag rug!!  a couple gaps to fill in, but not too shabby!! {jake likes to photo bomb all my pictures!}


and my favorite part of the room is the tree wall!!  it came together so nicely!  {btw, i just stapled it to the wall, so we’ll have to fill in tiny holes before moving…haha!}  i was all gung-ho about creating a tree for this room…but decided to poach the branches from downstairs for this project:


and here is the finished product of my recycled branches!





{btw, the book i used i got from the dollar store and the title was “restless.”  how ironic that it ended up in the baby room…because i will no doubt be restless once she gets here!!}


my auntie pat surprised me with this painted antique frame at the baby shower!!  it was perfect for the space! love it!


nick had to be the muscle behind this baby room too!  he hung both curtain rods (and we didn’t even fight over it!!) and everything else that required any heavy lifting… not to mention, he moved all the furniture a gazillion times until i found the perfect placement for each piece!


my aunt also painted and distressed this side table, which was an old record stand!!  i had only sent her pictures of the baby room as i was putting it together and she knew exactly what i needed! {my mom made that adorable little diaper owl…who has met his ultimate demise already because we need the diapers!}


such a little cutie… i hated pulling him apart!


let me tell you something about this shelf!!  we went to ikea specifically for the closet shelf one day because it was on sale… we walked through the entire store and finally got to the bottom floor warehouse to pick up the shelf 2 hours later… we checked the aisle/bin where the shelf was supposed to be…. and it was out of stock!!  i wanted to cry…seriously, i came really close to throwing a tantrum on that warehouse floor!

i chased down a salesperson and asked him to look up the shelf, and he said there was ONE shelf left in the store that has not been bought. {here’s the catch} he said if it wasn’t on the aisle/bin then that meant someone has it on their cart but hasn’t bought it yet…

my heart just sank… nick knew i’d had a long day and told me to just sit down for a little bit while he walked around looking for the shelf.  i knew it was hopeless at that point, so i found a seat in the “AS IS” section… clearance always lifts my spirits, so i just rested for a bit… then i saw it!!  an even better shelf for 60% off in the “AS IS” section!  so we snatched that puppy up and took her home!

it worked even better in the closet than the first one would have!!  {that’s the doty luck, i tell ya!}


and of course there are some other little details that i’ve added along the way… it really turned out nicely.  i’ve been painting everyone else’s nursery for years now, it was so much fun to work on my OWN!! 

i love this nursery and i can’t wait to see my little maggie rose in there! 





{funny story about this little guy}  when we were putting the crib together (we= nick and dad) i stood back and supervised… but i was just so excited to see the bedding with the crib i ripped into the package!  and i thought i was cutting a twisty tie, but instead i cut the string that held this little owl on the mobile…  ooops!  nick got out a lighter and fused it back together for me! LOL!


was this crib sheet made for maggie rose’s nursery or what?! so sweet!!


so there you have it!!  …nurseries are more for the parents than the baby.  she won’t remember this room, but we will remember all the memories we had putting it together!!

hope you enjoyed!!

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3 Responses to {much awaited} nursery pictures!!!

  1. Dave Clarke says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. You guys did an amazing job. I’m praying that every minute you spend there with Maggie Rose will be shrouded in the Love, Mercy and Grace of God to be cherished memories for all of ya’lls life. You did so well presenting it, it almost seems I was in the room. One thing I think I’ve learned is that after you have and begin to raise your own chidren, you finally become who you were meant to be. Parenthood has a way of taking you places you could not go otherwise and as a result, you grow into someone you could not be otherwise. You and Nick are about to go there and I am more excited about that than I can tell you. We love you and will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. DaveNDeb 🙂

  2. Bob Braman says:

    Realy a nice place to call home for the first few years of life. Be safe,. Be well. I love you, Bob.

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