{irons in the fire}

as you are aware, keeping up a blog has become difficult for me during this pregnancy… writing is the simple part, but uploading pictures and formatting it just perfectly is the part that takes up time! {and i’m not one to do anything half-ass….i don’t like to make anything public until it’s just perfect and ready!}  i plan to sit down very soon and finally post pictures of the finished nursery and pictures of the baby shower from march.  i promise! 

but before i get to that, i think there is something more pressing that i need to address.  we are putting our house on the market…very soon! (as in about 1-2 weeks after maggie arrives…eeek!) 

our neighbors have always known us to be weekend warriors and to always have another house project…but lately we’ve been going double-time!  and working on projects that don’t necessarily seem to be priority to most first-time parents…  we started mentioning it to people casually in march/april so as to ease the blow of leaving our cul-de-sac family…but now we are getting serious.  signs will be posted within the month (heads up!).

it’s very bittersweet to leave this house, because we built it from ground up…it’s our first home!  there are so many custom touches that we put into this home that will be very hard to walk away from–and all the great memories too! halloween parties, the luau, the brick patio, all my murals, nick’s firepit at the bottom of the yard (complete with deer antlers…lol!) and so much more…but it’s time to move on! 

there are a lot of unknowns this summer, and we are just “winging it” at this point.  (of course my definition of “winging it” still consists of lots of research, rotating to-do lists, organized schedules and diagrams–LOL!)  but there’s no real way to “plan” a move with a newborn baby! {if there is, do tell!}  there are a lot of things in life that you just can’t plan for…that’s just the nature of the beast! 

we are not sure if we will be moving right around the corner or farther away at this point–we have several irons in the fire right now and are weighing each option very heavily.  we should know more in the next couple of months, and please know that we will keep everyone posted on our plans!  apologies if this seems vague and insincere…i just wanted to send out a bulk message to start the ball rolling and so no one is caught by surprise!  

we appreciate all the support of those who are helping make this transition much easier for us, and who have helped so much along the way!  and we truly appreciate those who understand our lack of availability in the past couple of months!  we are so very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family whom we truly love and feel so blessed to have in our lives–near and far!

–stay tuned for nursery and baby shower pics!!

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2 Responses to {irons in the fire}

  1. Kauffman, Dawn says:

    I have been unable to leave a reply at the bottom of the page.
    Just read the blog about you moving and wish you the best of luck.
    I hope you will still keep up on the blog because I really enjoy it. I realize that with the baby and the move things may not be posted as often as you (or I) would like and I understand, but I do love to read what is happening in your life and I love seeing your creativity.

    Take care and know that you are loved by many.


    Dawn Kauffman
    Admissions Representative
    Everest College Phoenix – Online
    Toll Free: 1-800-921-8640 Ext. 1337
    Fax: 480-907-2373
    Email: dkauffman@cci.edu

  2. thank you so much! that means a lot to me! i enjoy writing and sharing all my adventures with anyone who wants to read! and i hope to keep up this blog regardless of all the every day craziness!! hugs! -traci 🙂

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