{queens and angel wings}

to be a queen, you must serve as a strong matriarch of your home, your family, and your domain… a queen is the lifeblood of her family, the glue that adheres decades on decades of family tradition and history.  there is only one queen to every kingdom, home and family…and when that queen gracefully retires, another strong woman will take on her roles and responsibilities of sharing knowledge and wisdom to those who follow her…yet always remember the strength and grace that came before her.

many think of the queen of england first and foremost when the term “queen” is mentioned (as they should).  but what also comes to mind for me is “grandma.”  she was the strong matriarch in our family… she came over from Cheltenham, England with my grandfather, robert bruce miller…a strapping soldier with a lion’s heart.  she was marian may birt when she met him and then became marian birt miller–also to be known as “mum” to four children.  {linda virginia, ann marie, victoria francis, and robert bruce jr.}


she graced the lives of so many in her time… she always had stories to tell and wisdom to impart, and she bridged the gaps between family members near and far–even across the pond.  her family was her legacy and she made it her charge to carry on the importance of family to all of her children and grandchildren alike—as any good matriarch would do.  and boy was she proud of her children and granchildren–she was even listing names of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the nurses in the hospital!





51 great grandma kissing liam

i have only fond memories of my grandmother, and in a way, she sparked my intrigue in our family heritage… her stories of the gypsy queen in our blood line, along with traces of blue blood from henry the VIII were catalyst to this blog… it has been long known that you cannot choose your family members, but you can choose which family values and stories to embrace and pass on to your children.  i grew up hearing about the queen mum and seeing her face throughout my grandmother’s home, nibbling on chocolates from England and hearing of her travels back home, being reminded to always mind my P’s & Q (parents and queen), listening to her talk about our gypsy clairvoyance and wanderlust, and learning about our family heritage. 

she could talk for hours about our heritage and bloodline!!  we all still laugh thinking about how much she loved to talk.  even days before she passed–and between breaths–she and i spoke on the phone about maggie rose.  she told me the hair color and eye color of several relatives as we guessed what this sweet little baby may look like…


this year, she passed just days after her 79th birthday in april… and i have found peace in her passing knowing that she is no longer suffering here on earth, yet rejoicing with her maker.


i found comfort in creating her memorial table for her service, sifting through her pictures and learning even more about her life and our family in doing so.






i find comfort in recalling so many wonderful memories of her and in knowing that those memories and family values will be carried on to my children, and theirs alike. 

and i find comfort in believing that when she entered those pearly gates, my grandfather was waiting for her on the corner with fresh flowers–just as he had every friday when she picked him up from work.  


i find comfort in my dream meetings with my grandmother and seeing her glowing and healthy again…  



we must love our family and friends for who they are and what they give us, without expectation of reciprocity or selfish validation.  we must hold dear to us those whom have blessed our existence, whether near or far–whether for a short time or for ages.  and know that “goodbye” does not exist–only “so long until the next time we meet.”  lives do not just end, yet they begin again in different places and different times throughout eternity…

so on this day, the fourteenth day of may, i give honor and memory to our very own queen who has earned her angel wings–now and forevermore–marian may birt.  {with love and patience until our next meeting–whether in my dreams or in heaven–i hope you will always know that my cup runneth over.}

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2 Responses to {queens and angel wings}

  1. Wendy says:

    That was Beautiful, made me cry . She was def a great woman! I am glad I got the chance to know her even if we didn’t get to see her as much as I would have liked. RIP Grandma Miller ❤

  2. Wow what a beautiful blog post to reflect on your Grandma’s memory. Your love and respect for her just radiates from this page. I am so sorry for your loss hon. I was pregnant with Sydni when I lost my beloved Grandma the only one I ever got to meet and it broke my heart. It was a sad time but also a happy one because she was suffering so much in the end, I found so much peace knowing she was no longer hurting but was perfect again in heaven. Your memory table was beautiful you are so talented! I love you girl and have been thinking about you so much! Looking forward to your sweet baby girl coming into this world:) I would give you a hug if I could!

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