{march madness} part one…

now that spring has finally sprung, i feel like i can take a breath and relax a little bit. {of course, there’s a little anxiety about the baby} we are on the home stretch now and it’s finally starting to feel real!  i’m catching up with my blog posts….little by little! (apologies for the briefness!)

and the nesting has begun!

{february came and went just like january…but march was pretty packed full!}

 so let’s get to first half of march, shall we?!

first order of business:
my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary–what a huge accomplishment!  they are such an amazing couple, and the best parents in the world.  they really have been through thick and thin together…and they are still standing side-by-side!  i don’t know if they realize it or not, but we have learned so much from them over the years.  nick and i hope to have even half the relationship they have, 35 years from now.  and they have supported nick and i more than we even deserve…i couldn’t have asked for better parents!!  and now we will learn so much from them on how to be good parents to little maggie rose.  i can’t wait to start this journey with them!  {happy anniversary, mom and dad…here’s to 40 great years, and many many more! love you!}

second order of business:
consignment craziness: (noun) a state of mind; pure elation while sifting through a killer consignment sale; absolute bliss when finding out that one only spent $37 on lots of amazing goodies; an addiction that cannot be described by words.

i went to my first consignment sale with my sister and my mom one weekend… apparently greensboro is the hot spot for consignment sales!  ahh-mazing!  i got so much baby stuff for super cheap…and i cannot wait for the next consignment sale. (actually there’s one in durham april 19-21–guess who’s going?!?!)

check out all my goodies!

and that’s just the first half of march!!

{up next on the agenda is carysn’s first birthday, nick’s battle with norovirus just days before my baby shower, the baby shower, angela’s birthday, and travis’s surprise birthday}

lots to cover in the next post(s)…i didn’t want to overload you this time! (and i need more time to upload some pictures before the next post!)

{stay tuned!}

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