{25 things} january in review

since i’ve been so slack about my blog posts, i figured a {25 things} post would be a great way to start catching up for january!

1.  a new year…and with that new year, a new job!

2.  heck yeah…long time coming!

3.  same division of juvenile justice

4.  same trek from durham to raleigh

5.  different destination with free parking!

6.  aka: $65 a month raise for you-know-who!

7.  and much less stress, by the way

8.  hallelujah!

9.  a little give and take with the transition, if you will…

10.  but more taking of bubble baths

11.  and breaths of fresh air…

12.  and more time to work on baby shower crafts!

13.  shower date was set

14.  twenty-third of march

15.  a week after my niece’s first birthday

16. a week before my brother-in-law’s surprise birthday party

17.  good thing i didn’t post this in january and ruin the surprise!

18.  13 days after my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary

19.  and a day before my sister’s 30th birthday

20.  old lady {ahem…giggle…giggle}

21.  i can say that because i’m still in my 20’s

22.  i’m sure there was an easier way to say all that…

23. to sum it up

24. that’s why we planned NOT to have a march baby

25.  and january came and went before we knew it!

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