{rose in a bushel of thorns}

{april showers bring may flowers… and may flowers bring june bugs!!}

and one special little junebug named……….((drum roll))………..maggie rose!

so a lot has transpired in the past 12+ weeks…and i was reminded by a special reader that i have been MIA for a while!  sorry!  it’s not because i haven’t had anything to write about or that i lost my inspiration…and it’s definitely not the case that i haven’t been planning blog posts in my head…it’s finding the time to sit down and write type the posts!  but i plan to do much better in the weeks to come and once maggie gets here! promise!

so if you remember my baby name meltdown….you remember that just before our anatomy scan, i threw the name harper overboard and planned on winging it.  we went to our anatomy scan with only a boy name in mind…and i had a dream about a little girl in my arms the night before {there’s that clairvoyance my grandmother keeps talking about!}. uh-oh!  and there you have it….we’re having a girl!  our sweet little curve ball!

so we sat at in the office in a daze after finding out that we were having a girl with no name… i teared up and asked my husband if it was bad that i had hoped for a boy (because everyone had girls, and i wanted something different! i know, kinda selfish–sheesh!).  my husband laughed that endearing laugh of his, said “no, sweetie” and gave me a hug.  and that was the end of that boo-hoo moment… and we just sat there and looked at all the ultrasound pictures while we waited for the doctor to come back, with huge grins on both our faces, playfully bickering over whose nose she had. and nick said, “hey, what about maggie rose?” 

{i paused…and thought for a second…and said, “maggie rose…i like it.”}

then we found out that nick’s (irish…eeek) grandmother, margaret, who passed when nick’s dad was young used to call her daughter (also named margaret) her “rose among a bushel of thorns,” as she had 4 brothers.  i found that quite endearing to have such meaning behind the name and not even realize it until after we settled on the name… and that’s when we knew that maggie rose was meant to be!  {not to mention, my mom looked up the english heritage behind the name and in our family…and it passed with flying colors! lol!}

****life has been pretty hectic and it will become even more hectic in the months to come…but we are so very excited to meet little maggie rose…and among all the chaos that is our life, she will be our very own rose in a bushel of thorns!****


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One Response to {rose in a bushel of thorns}

  1. Dawn says:

    A lifetime of happiness to you and yours!
    Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

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