{baby brain dilemma}

{{we’re having a girl!!!!}}

now i can officially start on the baby room… and i can start on baby shower stuff too!  the room is basically done in my head…we just have to get started.

but when it comes to baby shower planning……….i’m at a loss.  an absolute, utter loss, i tell ya!  it’s like i’ve completely forgotten how to plan a party.  my mom and sister are throwing my shower for me, but you know me…i can’t not help with crafts!  it’s not a control thing. it’s a need to design and make crafts!!  but i have no idea where to even begin.  this is not me…  little maggie rose is sucking up all my brain power and creativity.  that’s my dilemma… baby brain.  big time!

there are so many things that are buzzing through my head right now… baby class registration, insurance, diaper choices, food choices, clean baseboards, ring around the tub, dog hair in my orange juice, a cluttered porch, unorganized hall closet, baby room storage, coffee table selection, paint color, crafts, maternity pants that are long enough, starting a new job, finishing my old job, cancelling my parking account, annoying pimples on my chin, peanut butter on my sweatshirt, jake’s stinky breath, play room plans, updating the registry, picking a pediatrician, keeping jake out of the baby room to eliminate dog hair floating in the air, fabric selections, labor pains, breathing techniques, stretch marks, silver hairs, streaky mirrors………………….

ok, i could go on forever… but these are all things i think about on a regular basis.  i may sound a bit crazy now… don’t judge me! but i guess that’s what happens when you have a baby.  and that’s what they mean when they say “baby brain.”  i always thought the “baby brain” thing was the baby actually sucking up brainpower and stealing your mojo.  but i get it now… it’s called “baby brain” because your brain is on baby 24/7.  and that’s why you forget all the other stuff so much!  

well, that’s what i’ve got………………bad!!

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2 Responses to {baby brain dilemma}

  1. Dawn says:

    I miss your blogs, hope all is well with your family and the pregnancy.

    • so much going on lately! all is well…just a bit hectic! i promise to be posting soon (shower pics, nursery reveal, newborn photos in june!)!! stay tuned…i’ve been planning posts in my head for the past couple weeks! hugs! 🙂

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