{baby name mini meltdown}

we’ve had our baby names picked out for a while now…go us! griffin edward (boy) & harper lucille (girl) we picked harper pretty early on. it just kinda came to me…without any help from baby name books. i’d never heard of anyone named harper. i thought it was unique without being cliche. despite the fact that my brother-in-law said it was the name of a stripclub in greensboro. lol! now it seems like everyone and their brother has thought of harper for a baby name too. apparently there’s even a harper on the disney channel! so was i not so inventive after all? was i subliminally inspired? now harper is in the top 100 list for baby names in 2012. i don’t want my little girl to have to be distinguished by her last initial because there’s another harper in her class. i don’t want to call her something completely unrelated because she thinks her name is unoriginal… (i babysit a brittany who wanted to be called mimi to be different) i want our little girl or boy to have a strong but kind name…something they can grow into…something that stands out but not too much. in my profession, i work with girls like lapleasure and araybian sky and passion lovingood. i always wonder if things would have been different if their mom’s had chosen a different name… are names sometimes self fulfilling prophecies or does it really matter? i don’t know…but i definitely won’t be naming my child ninety-five south clarke. just sayin…… so i called my husband last night, at work, and told him i didnt like the name harper anymore. i’m guessing i sounded a little panicked because he laughed at me (endearingly) and reassured me that it was going to be okay, and that we had plenty of time to pick a new name. we find out next thursday if it’s a boy or girl… if it’s a boy, we’re set. if it’s a girl, well…we’ll figure it out!! i kinda think my anxiety about girl names means we’re gonna have a girl…murphy’s law. lol! it feels like a boy, but i wouldn’t be surprised if god wanted to throw us for a loop with a little girl…lol! we shall see! {stay tuned}

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