so we finally went facebook public about our pregnancy… we announced our pregnancy a couple days earlier than planned b/c nick just couldn’t keep it in any longer. and it’s nice to be able to talk about our little pea in the pod. {and to let my little bump of a belly finally show!}

we’ve seen our little kiddo twice now and heard the heartbeat a couple times. the baby is growing and healthy so far.  and so far, i haven’t really had a hard 1st trimester like some, or most. no vomiting or excessive mood swings, only extreme exhaustion. {it’s a lot of work to grow a human being!}

i changed my eating habits before pregnancy which i think really helped so i wasn’t going through withdrawals early in pregnancy. i cut out caffeine (if you know me, you know that was not an easy feat) and anything with raw eggs (i.e. ranch–aagghh!) or unpastuerized milk products in it.  and it became natural habits….

i thought it was going to be a piece of cake! {mmmm…cake} …until the food aversions kicked in. ugh!  greek yogurt made me gag, vegetables grossed me out, the deer meat in the freezer repulsed me, and certain seasonings gave me heartburn just by smelling them!  that took some getting used to and some adjustments to my grocery list… but i’m adjusting.

things i miss:
a sweet glass of reisling or moscato after a long day
dipping EVERYTHING in ranch
a full 8 hours of sleep
mcdonald’s sweet tea
HOT baths

things i’m looking forward to:
meeting our little kiddo
little fingers and toes
decorating the nursery
tiny little socks
sweet giggles
a baby shower
owls and woodlands creatures
raspberries on bare bellies
watching nick be a dad
family game night
first steps and first words
baby mohawks (for a boy)
christmas photos & cards
funny moments and home videos
first day of school
crafts and birthday parties
pampering on mother’s day
proud moments
mending skinned knees
sleepovers and forts made out of sheets
being santa and the toothfairy  and the easter bunny
house elves and painted fairy doors
oh, this list goes on and on!!!

we’re so excited!  you can probably expect more posts about baby crafts in the future. can’t wait! glad you’re coming along for the ride too!! stay tuned!

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One Response to {anticipation}

  1. amandapanter says:

    YAY!!!! I am sooooo excited for you guys! Love and miss you both so much! Sooo happy you havn’t been throwing up….its the pits! Hugs from Oklahoma. Can’t wait to see you guys whenever that might be! EXCITED to say the least about my nephew/niece on the way, you guys are gonna ROCK as parents!

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