being married to the boys in blue…

so jake goes nuts at 4:30am in the morning, barking his big boy bark.  i sleep light anyway and he barks sometimes randomly… but he kept barking this time.  i heard doors opening and shutting outside.  i thought ‘no big deal, it’s just nick coming home to get something while on shift.’  but then again, he usually calls or texts to warn me so i don’t freak out.  then jake went silent and i could have sworn i heard a door creak inside.  so i called nick to ask if it was him. he said that it wasn’t and told me to stay in the room with my gun.  i called jake and after a little bit he came running upstairs.  i locked the bedroom door…and this is the embarrassing part…put some clothes on because i figured there would be some other officers in tow.

i am a restless sleeper and pajamas just get tangled throughout the night.  hey, don’t judge!

i turned on some lights to scare any burglars away… i’m sure they’d rather be in and out than have to deal with a possible gun-toting homeowner.  i started looking out the window and saw that my neighbor was coming in and out of her house.  that was the source of the opening and shutting doors at 4:30am. so i called nick immediately to say, ‘it’s just the neighbor, babe.’

well, he wasn’t having any of that.  when he gets a call in the middle of the night from his wife, he’s on his way.   he knows that i have supersonic hearing and that i can hear a pin drop downstairs and wake from my sleep.  so he sent the cavalry.  literally…

he’s a district 3 officer, so he sent some district 2 officers to check in.  four to be exact.  so there were 5 police cars in front of my house…  it was somewhat embarrassing to be the wife that cried wolf.  i tried to get him to call off the troops before they got here though…

but of course they were so great…  such nice guys.  jake got excited about having surprise visitors so he ran outside, and of course two officers were doing their rounds and got a white furry surprise!  luckily, they saw that he was friendly and didn’t shoot his dumb head!

what i have learned tonight:
1)  when you’re married to a cop,  you’re married to them all.  if something happens, they’ll be on your doorstep in a heartbeat.  quite comforting…
2)  look out the window, just in case, if you hear a noise…it might just be your neighbor making the noise.
3)   keep jake inside when there are police officers surrounding your house…he might get shot next time.
4)  although they say ‘don’t worry’ or ‘it’s really no problem, mrs. clarke,’ it’s always good to say thank you in other ways….so district 2 will have a couple batches of cookies when they return to work tomorrow night! 🙂

i guess that’s what happens when you marry the boys in blue….!!

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One Response to being married to the boys in blue…

  1. Dave says:

    That was great! I thought I was reading Readers digest or something. “Married to them all”, I love that idea, I am sure it was very comforting. Thanks for posting this one Traci. Dad (in-law).

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