growing up, we always had a piano in the home. we took piano lessons…and complained the whole time.  we were too young to appreciate the wonderful musical instrument at our fingertips…

we played off and on… but all beginner elementary songs.  and i’ll always remember that the man who tuned our piano looked like bob ross…and he was blind.  mom said one time after he came to tune the piano, she looked inside and there was a wrapped piece of dubble bubble inside the piano.  i guess he didn’t see it…………………{stifled giggle}

{well, minus the beard and the baby raccoon}

now that i’m nearing thirty and can appreciate the finer things in life, i wish i had kept up with the piano… and about a year ago we ran across an old upright piano at the durham rescue mission.  i loved it instantly!  but it was in rough shape… i even email a piano guy {not sure what his title was} and he convinced me that this piano that i found was going to be a huge expense…and basically not worth it.  {thanks piano guy!}  i needed a touch of reality from a stranger.  so i passed on the piano.

then i was driving behind this white car one day, and the license plate said IVRYTCKLR… i sat at the stoplight staring at that plate trying to figure it out.  and it hit me ivory tickler!!  whoever was driving this car played the piano! {or a dentist maybe?} either way, i wanted a piano all over again.

i started looking on craigslist every morning when i woke up… ok, let’s be real.  i always look on craigslist in the morning.  but i actually started searching for free pianos.  and i found a couple but they weren’t in great shape…or we didn’t have the time or the man power to get it.  so i gave up my dream of having a piano again…

then one morning {two weeks ago} i was lying in bed after my alarm went off, perusing the free section of craigslist…. and there it was!  an awesome upright piano.  for free!  so naturally i jumped on the opportunity.

nick and three friends drove to carborro and picked up my piano… some keys are pitchy but it still sounds nice.  it’s just so fantastic!

i got on the computer and did a little research… made some flash cards for the treble and bass clef notes…  printed off some sheet music and wrote in every note and beat.  and by the end of the night i was playing greensleeves through and through.

i stayed up late playing the piano {hope my neighbors couldn’t hear me!}… night after night, playing the same song over and over again.  now i need a new song to play…. oh, and a piano bench because my dining room chair sits just a couple of inches too low.  i wonder where i’ll find a piano bench??  {{wink wink}}

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