monday morning {25 things}

1. i slowly made my way into the office this morning with my gimp foot…

2. as soon as i sat down at my desk, i realized that i left my breakfast  bar in my car.

3. it’s a chocolate raspberry luna bar…my favorite.

4. seriously pondered limping all the way back to my car for that yummy morsel of chocolatey goodness.

5. and then my phone rang.

6. reminded that approving petitions takes precedence to my breakfast.

7. decided that it was too early to put out fires……the call went to voicemail.

8. quickly gulped the remaining swig of my cold coffee and got started on my petitions.

9. reminded that the 7th floor copier has been broken since last week.

10. i had to go to the 4th floor to make a copy just to go back to the 7th floor to submit the petitions.

11. seems like a huge waste of time, you say??

12. it was.

13. stood in front of the elevator for 5 minutes because it would have taken me 10 minutes to limp down 3 flights of stairs.

14. a judge squeezed onto the elevator in front of me, even though she had just walked up 30 seconds ago.

15. reminded that i am just a lowly unappreciated court counselor who should suck it up and be happy that there’s a biscuit on the table.

16. reminded of my thwarted breakfast plans.

17. finally made my copies, and the pages came out all wonky……oh well.

18. stood in front of the elevator for 10 minutes.

19. random lady decided to explain to me why the elevators were so full on a monday morning.

20. i really wanted to say, “no shit, captain obvious.” ……but i didn’t.

21. patted myself on the back {in my head}.

22. she kept talking.

23. seriously considered limping up 3 flights of stairs to get away from her incessant rambling.

24. i chose to squeeze onto a packed elevator that stunk of body odor and cigarette smoke…….lesser of two evils.

25. lost my appetite…

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