thirty-one bag party

recently kristi and i attended a thirty-one bag party at my sister’s house… i had never heard of thrity-one bags, and i figured it was like a typical tupperware party {which i’ve never been to} or an avon party {which i’ve never been to either} or whatever.  you get the idea, right? i learned about vera bradley bags in college {love them…got addicted}, i learned about buckhead betty bags from angela {awesome warehouse sale… can’t wait til the next one!} and then i learned about thirty-one bags.  is it just a trend??  i think it’s great…

we had a good time and i even got myself an early birthday present from nick! {thanks babe} i got a couple storage bins for the art room… two different sizes… great patterns… they’ll be perfect! 🙂

it was a lot of fun.. and it turned me on …….{LOL, just checking to see if you were actually reading this or just checking out the pictures} heehee… all jokes aside, it turned me onto a new kind of party… i totally want to host a thirty-one party now!  and then i got to thinking………..

thirty-one bags are great for organization… and a lot of teachers and moms would be able to use this stuff. would LOVE this stuff! but would some of my single friends or kidless friends want them too?? i seem to think so… i think everyone could enjoy what thirty-one has to offer!  there are so many different uses for thirty-one bags and accessories.

storage bins and bags could be used for carrying groceries, storage in an art rom (ahem), magzines, books, fruit, a catchall for toys or shoes at the front door, to replace a junk drawer… the bags could be great beach bags, over night bags, jewelry totes, purses, wristlets when you don’t wanna carry a big purse… the uses are endless!!  i really had to make sure to keep a budget so i wouldn’t go overboard!

kristi mentioned that it’s awkward to invite people to a party where they end up spending money… but i figured the people who really wanted to buy thirty-one bags would be the ones to show up.  those who didn’t want to buy the bags or spend the money would pass… right??  i think that’s why they actually suggest to invite 40 guests because only 25-30% actually show.  am i naive to think that?  maybe i’m just a closet bag lady! LOL!

would you come to a thirty-one party if i threw one???  should i become a thirty-one consultant???  you know how i love a good party! 🙂  what do you think??  opinions??

by the way, did anyone else notice the excited guy on the tv screen in the background of one of my pics???? he must really love thirty-one bags! {LOL}

preview of my new storage bins! {can’t wait!}

{you can click on the thirty-one logo up top to go to the website…and do a little window shopping!}  stay tuned for pics of my new art room with my thirty-one bins!  it’s almost finished!

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One Response to thirty-one bag party

  1. Ann Doty says:

    Love your blog about the bags. Can’t wait to get my order. I will come to your party. There are a few more bags I would like to get. By The Way… I did notice the guy. Not sure if he was excited about the 31 bags…or if he was checking out Danielle. HaHa.

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