{25 things}

{twenty-5 things}

1. my husband is in oklahoma for 3 weeks.

2. my sink has stayed empty and my counters clear since he’s been gone.

3. the researcher in me believes there is a strong correlation between variables 1 and 2.

4. in the past 3 days i have done A LOT of laundry.

5. there is a mountain in my dining room.

6. close encounter of the third kind comes to mind…sans the mashed potatoes.

7. “sans” means without, in case you were wondering.

8.  i ordered a burger once “sans onion and slaw.”

9. the waiter was confused.

10. i was disappointed.

11.  and i’m reminded that as i get older some of my friends have no idea what #6 is referencing.

12. i found my first gray hair. and the second. third. fourth. and so on and so forth.

13. urge to pluck said gray hairs has been successfully stifled.

14. hoping for an awesome gray streak like rogue…sans the electromagnetic force field and the responsibility of saving the world.

15. i also realize that not everyone will get the xmen reference in #14.

16.  speaking of xmen, i can’t believe i haven’t started planning the 2013 halloween party yet!

17.  costumes or no costumes?? that is the question.

18.  my current fascinations are: 1920s great gatsby and 1950s rockabilly.

19.  ok. costumes.  that is the answer.

20.  i had a poodle skirt one year for halloween.  my mom made it.

21. i was also a bumble bee with a giant head and oven mitt sized gloves. my mom made that too.

22.  i was so damn cute, people laughed at me when they opened their doors.

23.  i cried.

24.  thanks mom.

25.  128 days til halloween!!

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