{a spot of tea} and brunch with my fav’s

recently i hosted a brunch for some special ladies in my life.   it started as this need to throw a party after planning laura and jeremy’s wedding. i moved furniture around (and out) and set up tables inside my house. my maximum capacity was 17, so i had a hard time limiting my invitation list…because there are so many lovely ladies in my life that i wish could have made it. i almost allowed myself to invite double my capacity but i reigned myself in at the last minute. whew! i would have been a wreck if i didn’t have enough seats for everybody.

party planning 101 tip: manage your guest list, dont let your guest list manage you! {next time, maybe i’ll have it at a bigger location so i can have more guests}

and it turned out fabulously! {if i do say so myself} my first sit down brunch…with table settings, folded napkins and rented chairs. i totally love american party rental, by the way!

first, i thought “no boys allowed.” parties usually have a tendency of segregating themselves when you’ve got several couples together. why invite the boys at all?  no reason i can think of.  then it blossomed into a great opportunity to celebrate strong women everywhere… so i printed off some photos of influential women in history and scattered them around the  party area.

and had a trivia to see who knew the most about these famous women. We had a winner too! that made me happy… and of course there were door prizes! it was a great time!

unfortunately, i didn’t take a lot of pictures before the party started… i always forget to take pictures of the details like the folded napkins, place settings, quote cards, lanterns, and flower pen favors… i haven’t found a professional photographer to be my friend yet… i’m sure they’d take great pictures of all the special little details! any takers?! {LOL}

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