they’re hitched {part three: little mishaps}

ok, so i need to get this out… the wedding was a couple weeks ago so it’s now or never…

weddings only happen once for a couple.  wedding vendors have one chance to make it right.  as you saw in my last review, i was impressed with many of the vendors and “helpers.”  but i must say the venue left much to be desired.

there are a lot of things to discuss in this review… but i’ll try not to be too wordy.

short answers and lack of communication – as we worked on the wedding decorations, questions arose.  laura sent her questions via email to the wedding planner/coordinator, christie fernandez, but laura was not happy with the responses.  they were short and rude.  laura even went two months without hearing from crenshaw.  luckily she had me throughout the process!

nickels and dimes and dollar signs –  L + J decided on crenshaw hall in wake forest because of the promise of: what you see is what you get.  their introduction in their contract packet even stated that they wouldn’t “nickel and dime” a couple. {red flag #1}  well, it seemed like new fees popped up every time laura met with crenshaw.  those fees should have been discussed at the beginning so laura could work them into her budget–not three weeks before the wedding.

tacky + confusion don’t mix – plain and simple, the decor in the house was tacky but the wedding nazi (term coined by laura…lol) must have thought it looked good. ceramic birds built a nest in that house and laid 2 dozen eggs!  oh, don’t get me started on the woodland creatures… and really, let’s not even talk about the rehearsal… ok, let’s.  laura said it was chaos and the “wedding director” was all over the place… luckily, laura and i did a complete run-down of the ceremony and timing earlier that week to make sure it went smoothly for the rehearsal.

mean lady with the clipboard” – christie’s assistant, teresa, was less than professional… and less than cordial!  and yes, a guest actually asked who the “mean lady with the clipboard” was.  the owner’s excuse was that teresa was “not from this country.” really??  she took 7 slices of cake off the cake table… some guests went without cake–including laura’s mom. not ok! needless to say, the “mean lady with the clipboard” is not cut out for the wedding business… and the owner agreed.

lights out! – the owner, john bennett, rewired some chandeliers into the reception tent the night before the wedding.  he said he would ask laura before the reception if she wanted the basic tent lights or the chandeliers… because , in his words, “together they are too bright and you don’t want to blind your guests.”  well, he never asked… so it never got done.  some guests complained about thebright  lights…but i don’t think they expected ALL the lights to go out.  needless to say, the rewiring the night before was not the best idea.

i could go on and on… but i won’t.  L + J had a meeting with crenshaw after they returned from their honeymoon.  they were unhappy with crenshaw hall in general, but fortunately they left the meeting with some validation and some change in their coinpurse.  regardless of the little mishaps, L + J’s wedding was truly a night to remember.  all the guests enjoyed themselves and there was never a dull moment! {check out the pics from L + J’s big day on facebook at sweet life photo}

the little mishaps are going to be the things they look back at and laugh about for years to come… it’s not the little mishaps that really matter, it’s how a couple handles those little mishaps.  and that is what will keep their love for one another strong.  i was highly impressed with how they handled everything with such grace & poise.

{and with all that being said… moving on!  i’ve got an amazing before & after project to show you very soon! stay tuned!}

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