the skylight, the kils & the wardrobe {before&after}

i figured everyone could use a break from wedding talk… i could go on for days and days!  even so, i’ll change gears…

a couple months ago, i came to the conclusion that it was best to rid our home of dark furniture.  i was tired of dusting… i was tired of jake’s hair… and i was tired of bedroom furniture that did not fit our style.

at the time i had found a picture in a magazine that i wanted to replicate in our new bedroom

i think i may have been drawn in by the headline: fall in love with your bedroom.  i tried to replicate this design with what i had to work with.   we bought our bedroom furniture hasilty in my opinion. we were moving into our newly built home in a matter of days.  we had no bedroom furniture but the old tired furniture mixture from nick’s military days and my college days.  and the lady at rooms to go was just so convincing.  so we got it…

for what we were working with {limited budget, limited time, limited selection of products} i think i did alright with this room.  i loved it…at first. and then i fell out of love with it.  not because it didn’t fit the style of the photo i found…but because it didn’t fit the style of us.

so i immediately posted the dresser on craigslist.  i got a hit within minutes…and then i offered the bed.  {going going gone!}

we slept with the mattress on the floor for a couple days before i found a queen size 4-poster bed on CL for $40.  but that’s not why we are here today.  we’re here to discuss the replacement for our dresser.

a cedar lined waterfall chifferobe

nick found this beauty at the durham rescue mission for $125… i went after work and got it for $85.  i found the perfect paint called skylight {a light shade of turquoise that i adore}, added a layer of kils, and went to work!

and here’s the after:

now for the rest of the room!  this is where i’m going with the bedroom now (thanks pinterest!)

much better!!

{stay tuned for the rest of the room redo!}

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2 Responses to the skylight, the kils & the wardrobe {before&after}

  1. Pat says:

    Great job on the wardrobe. Love it! Great buy also. I am sure the bedroom will look spectacular with your ideas and talent. Good luck. Pat

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