they’re hitched! {part two: review of vendors}

so i think everyone involved in a wedding deserves their own share of kudos and criticism {myself included}.  this post is a review of the vendors (and helpers) that i experienced throughout the process of planning and designing laura and jeremy’s wedding on 3/17/12.

starting with:

myself: traci clarke/friend/planner/designer/setter-upper
from the beginning, my main goal was to create a night to remember for the happy couple…as well as to ease some of the stress of planning a wedding.  and i’m happy to say that laura claimed she was “stress-free” up until the last couple of days before the wedding.  that’s natural wedding jitters!  i felt that the decor flowed seamlessly…from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception…and all the guests swooned over the decorations!


i forgot the 4 foot paper jointed leprechaun!  i found this leprechaun at the dollar tree {what a surprise}.  i got the little guy to be silly…but laura and i decided that he would be a great prop for the photo booth. but he spent st. patrick’s day in my trunk. DOH! no one probably missed him, but laura and i did.  i was really looking forward to taking pictures with him! and given some of the crazy pictures taken at the photo booth, he would have been a great addition to the family!

{you absolutely have to check out “sweet life photo” on facebook for the rest of the photo booth pics!}

the chalk art menu board didn’t make it onto the buffet:  i spent an hour creating a chalk board menu for the buffet table… but when i got to crenshaw on saturday, i found it smeared!  it was fine when i left it on tuesday… i was highly disappointed that someone had messed it up and didn’t tell me first thing when i got there saturday morning.  no one missed it, but i did.  there’s just something about creating and designing an event and knowing what wasn’t there that should be there…

other than those minor things, i think it went swimmingly!  for my first wedding (that wasn’t my own) i think i did alright.  so grateful to my guinea pigs, laura and jeremy! lol! : )

sweet life photography
laura and jeremy chose a great photographer! i never formally met them but they were everywhere that night… i haven’t seen their final proofs either but i could tell they really paid attention to the important moments of the day.  and there were a lot of great moments to be had that night!  i can’t wait to see the final proofs of laura and jeremy’s day!  you should “like” them on facebook–i did!

we cook 4 you–alvin cotto
spectacular food!  i would definitely recommend this caterer to anyone.  no one went hungry! and they even cut the cake!  and if you weren’t aware, some caterers charge a cutting fee just to cut the cake… so that was really great.  and the chocolate fountain was to die for!  and the best part (in my mind) was that they were so pleasant to work with… it was apparent that they took the time to get to know laura and jeremy.  they even brought extra decorations to add to the tables.  one of the caterers even offered to change out an ugly centerpiece for one that would be more fitting for the existing wedding decor. {i’ll get to that ugly centerpiece in my review of the venue}

the DJ– justin dean
oh, i was so impressed!  during the night, he had some obstacles to jump… but he leapt into action and conquered them with flying colors!  and let me tell you this, those obstacles were nothing he had any control over.  someone cut the power (lights and all) to the tent and one of his speakers blew. {i’ll get to the black out in my review of the venue as well}  justin got a different speaker set up (with the help of my muscle man hubby–thanks babe!) and the music was back up and running in no time… and the show went on!!

christina salmi/the cake lady!
christina is a friend of the bride and groom and she graciously offered to make their wedding cake.  she did an amazing job… and she used jeremy’s memaw’s carrot cake recipe.  it was delicious!  she makes cakes on the side now, but i’m sure she could make it big one day!

jennifer & emily {my lifesavers}
these two ladies showed up at 1:30 to help with set-up… they were such a huge help!  i was so grateful they came!  they went straight to work as soon as they arrived.  i appreciate all of their help!

andre mckoy
andre was the maid of honor’s date that night.  he came early and was a huge help with set up as well.  he took great direction and worked hard.  so grateful for him!

nick–the hubs
i”m sure nick wasn’t thrilled to be spending his st. patrick’s day setting up and cleaning up a wedding. but he did it for me.  and i appreciate him for that…more than he knows.  next st. patrick’s day is all his!  he gets to choose our irish activities.  pinky promise!!

and lastly,

crenshaw hall
this is the venue………………………. and i think i’m going to reserve an enitre blog post to discuss their review… let’s just say, i was less than impressed… stay tuned for that one!

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